Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In Minority Over Spitting Incident

Maybe I'm too insensitive, but I'm having a hard time understanding why the Terrell Owens "spitting incident" is such a big deal. T.O. was fined $35,000 for spitting on Falcons defensive back D'Angelo Hall. Hall wanted him suspended. Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin went on record saying it's the worst possible thing you can do to a player on the football field.


I know it's degrading. I know it's inappropriate. I know it's ignorant. But, the worst possible thing you can do to a player?

I never played professional football, but I did play in high school and college. I've been punched, bitten and scratched. I've been grabbed in inappropriate places. I've been chop-blocked below the knees. I've been clipped. I've had my facemask yanked. And, yes, I've been spit on. And frankly, the spitting doesn't rank very high on the list. It made me mad, and it was disgusting, but I wiped it off and went on beating the poor sap between the whistles.

I talked extensively with Eric Williams about this issue. Williams played ten years in the NFL with the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins. He said what T.O. did was extremely uncool.

"It's a dirty enough game to get turf burns and have people chewing tobacco, and all the stuff you get from the astro turf," Williams said, "and to have someone spit in your face, that's a rough one. It doesn't happen often, or it happens more and people just don't complain about it, but it was uncalled for."

Interesting point there. "It happens more and people just don't complain about it." Isn't that what the NFL is all about? This is the most violent sport a person can play. Dirty, violent and mean things happen all the time.

"People do rude stuff on the field," Williams added. "They hit where they shouldn't hit, they stomp on people with cleats, they spit, they gouge, they poke people in the eye. It's a violent sport, and when you get those emotions going, people do crazy stuff."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning that kind of behavior, but I'm also not saying it doesn't have a place in the sport. Players with attitudes like Michael Irvin wouldn't have made it in the "old school" NFL. In the "glory days" of the NFL, the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, players ripped your helmet off, kicked you, spit on you, then went back to the huddle to do it all over again on the next play. If you couldn't handle it, you got off the field. It wasn't a game for sissies.

I'm from that school. Hand the ball to the ref after you score a touchdown. Play the game with ferocity, as if your life depended on it. Hit, bite, scratch, claw... do whatever it takes to get the job done. If you get spit on, no, *when you get spit on, give the jerk a cold stare, wipe it off, go back to the huddle, and pop the guy in the mouth as hard as you can during the next play, and the next play, and the next play, until he regrets ever playing the sport. And, if you can't handle it, go play tennis.

Friday, December 15, 2006

NFL's Plan To Rule The World Is Succeeding

About 60% of East Texas is in a panic this week as they scramble to find somewhere to watch Saturday night's Cowboys game against the Atlanta Falcons. The game is being carried on the NFL Network, which can only be seen by Dish and DirecTV customers. That means, anyone with cable or with an antennae, will be out of luck. Cowboys fans are attacking the cable companies for not carrying the NFL Network. They are trying to declare this a national emergency to get them to carry the game.

NFL, I applaud you.

Before the season it sounded innocent enough. A mere eight games would be carried by the NFL Network, which is owned by the NFL owners. But take a closer look at those eight games, and you will see that every region of the country is represented, from Seattle, to Dallas, to Green Bay, to Atlanta, to New York. At least once this season, somewhere in the country, this desperate plea to the cable companies is happening. The NFL owners are successfully rallying football fans into demanding the NFL Network, and blaming the cable companies for it's absence. Somehow, the $100 million ransom the NFL Network is asking the cable companies for is being lost in the riot.

Ultimately, the cable companies are going to cave, or lose another giant wave of customers to the satellite companies (they lost me years ago). In fact, the NFL is ENCOURAGING football fans to threaten their cable companies with a mass exodus. They are providing toll free numbers on their website to do just that! (1-866-NFL-NETWORK) All that means is more exposure, more control over the product and yes, a lot more money for the NFL owners.

So again. NFL, I applaud you.

Your plan to rule the world is moving full steam ahead...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ETBU Finds Perfect Fit

With the hiring of Mark Sartain, East Texas Baptist University found the perfect man for the job. He may not be the ONLY perfect man for the job, but then again, that depends on if you believe there is only ONE person for each of us. Of course, that's a different article all together.

Each coaching job requires a unique personality. In other words, what may be right for Brownsboro, may not be right for Tatum, which may not be right for Robert E. Lee, which may not be right for All Saints, etc.

Sartain's style worked at Trinity Valley, but it has the potential to thrive at ETBU. There are certain beliefs that cater to a certain type of situation. ETBU's emphasis on four years of personal, educational and spiritual development, embody what Sartain strives to instill in his programs. When you only have two years with the kids in a junior college setting, and the players goals are to "get in and get out", there is only so much of that you can do. That's not a knock against junior colleges. There are countless examples of students and athletes that would be lost without that unique opportunity. Maybe it's more about the spiritual message a coach like Sartain can only instill within an extended time span.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Gander Mountain Hunting Tip: Move S-L-O-W

Gander Mountain has been nice enough to share some hunting and fishing tips to help you get the most out of your experiences in the outdoors. This weeks tip comes from Pro Staff Member Craig Boddington:

The most fundamental mistake most of us make in the deer woods is not watching the wind. The second most serious mistake lies in moving too fast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hunting from a stand or still-hunting, pussyfooting slowly through good cover. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re in head-to-toe camouflage or blaze orange (although camouflage, where legal, always helps!). If a whitetail gets your wind he’s gone, but if the wind is in your favor the next most likely thing to spook him is movement. Sudden movement is the kiss of death, but sometimes you can get by with slow, steady movement. Just because you can’t see a deer doesn’t mean there isn’t one nearby, so concentrate on keeping all movements slow and steady, all the while looking around—moving only your eyes as much as possible, and keeping head movements slow. If you see a deer (or think you do) and you can see his head, then he can see you. Freeze. Do not bring up your binoculars or your gun or bow until the head is completely hidden, and then move slowly and deliberately. Sometimes you have no choice but to go for it, but don’t let a deer startle you into rapid movement. As long as he’s stationary or moving slowly, take your time. The best way to turn an easy shot into a lost opportunity is to bring your gun or bow up too fast.

Craig Boddington
TV Host of Tracks Across Africa & Guns and Ammo
Elite Gander Mountain Pro Staff Member

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

KLTV 7 College Football Schedule For Saturday, December 2

We have a big day of football on KLTV 7 Saturday. Here is the schedule:

Dr. Pepper ACC Championship Game
Wake Forest vs. Georgia Tech
Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, FL

“College Football Presented By Best Buy”
3:30 – 7:00pm

Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game
Nebraska @ Oklahoma
Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City MO.
7:00 – aprx. 10:30pm

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Investment In Football Paying Huge Dividends For Whitehouse

It's nothing personal against the Wildcats, but Whitehouse just doesn't win when it comes to football. Since 1947, the Wildcats have produced just 12 winning seasons entering 2006. They had made the playoffs four times, winning just two playoff games. In 1978, the Wildcats won the district championship and finished 9-2. Since then, they have had just three winning seasons, and one playoff berth.

In 2004, Whitehouse decided they were tired of watching everyone else in the district achieve postseason success on the gridiron and decided to do something about it. That's when they hired Randy McFarlin away from Daingerfield. In six seasons at Daingerfield, McFarlin's Tigers made six straight playoff appearances, winning nine playoff games, advancing to the state quarterfinals three times, the state semifinals twice, and the state finals once, losing to Newton in 1998.

"When I talked to the (Whitehouse ISD football coach search) committee and accepted this job," said McFarlin, "I felt like the committee there, and the administration were committed to a winning program, and that's very important coming into a community. You have to have the support, both financially, and just the support in general to make this thing work. We had to make a lot of changes in Whitehouse, Texas to get this program's foot on the ground, and the third year, here we are still playing, I'm very pleased with the progress."

But that progress was in jeopardy early this year. After giving up 70 points in the first two games of the season, including a 42-36 loss to Sulphur Springs in week two, McFarlin and his coaching staff shook up the program. They brought in several sophomores from the junior varsity, including a new quarterback. They also committed several of their top athletes primarily to defense.

"At that point after week two, we looked where we were at, and knew, at the level we wanted to play as a coaching staff, we had to make some changes," McFarlin said, "and there again, I don't know if it's luck or what, but it worked out for us. "

Boy did it work. After giving up 42 points in week two, the Wildcats defense allowed just 41 points over the next six games, setting up a district title showdown with Marshall. Whitehouse won a thriller at Wildcat stadium, 35-34. In ten games since the change, the Wildcats have outscored their opponents by 144 points and have posted a 9-1 record. Overall they are 10-2, the best record in school history, and are in the third round of the playoffs for the first time in school history.

"We're very thrilled that it did work," McFarlin said. "It makes you look pretty good when it works, and pretty bad the other way if it hadn't worked, but we're just very fortunate it worked for us and we're still playing."

How long will they continue to play? That remains to be seen. Waco is their next challenge Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

800th Win For Avinger Coach

A big congratulations to Avinger basketball coach Ken Loyd who got his 800th career win last night. His 5th-ranked Indians beat North Hopkins 67-56 in overtime.

Coach Loyd has been in the business for 41 years, winning three state titles. He has also coached at Texas High, White Oak, Huntington and Venus.

500 is an incredible accomplishment, but 800 is almost beyond belief! That's an average of around 20 wins a season.

Gander Mountain Hunting Tip: Feather Light

Gander Mountain has been nice enough to share with us some hunting and fishing tips to help you get the most out of your outdoor experience. As the largest retail network of stores in the nation, they have an extensive team of experts at their disposal.

This weeks tip comes from Jeff French, a store manager in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who talks about hiding your scent while hunting.

When hunting from a treestand, it is essential to be aware of where your scent is traveling. Wind checkers are great for the immediate area around your treestand, but another great choice is as close as your local fly shop!
A small piece of marabou of feather can show you where your scent is being carried well beyond your stand. By ripping off a small piece and letting it float away, you can identify changing wind currents for several yards! Try it and you may be surprised!
Jeff French
Store Manager, Kenosha, WI

Monday, November 13, 2006

Playoff Predictions

It's always fun to look at the wide open brackets to try to figure out how everything plays out. The beauty is, there's always upsets, but the cream usually rises to the top. We've looked at all of the brackets and offer what we think could happen:

5A Divsion I: This is by far the toughest classification this year. Seven of the top ten ranked teams in the state reside here. This is going to be brutal. Let's take Lufkin for instance. If they are to win a state championship this year, they will probably have to face five ranked teams in their six games. The game that everyone will have their eye on, though, will be #1 Southlake Carroll versus #3 Euless Trinity in the second round! The winner of that game will be odds on favorite to win the championship. With their history, along with what they've accomplished this season so far, we think Southlake Carroll wins that game, and goes on to play Lufkin in the semifinals. The winner of that game will probably face fifth-ranked Galena Park North Shore for the title. Sorry Panthers, but we think it's going to be the South Lake Carroll Dragons winning it all.

5A Division II: There are no ranked teams in Region two right now, which bodes well for the 12-5A teams. John Tyler will have their hands full with Dallas Carter in the first round. Longview faces a road block in round two against Garland. History says Carter and Garland meet for the Regional championship with Garland pulling it out. They should fall to 6th-ranked Cedar Hill in the semi's, who will in turn lose to Katy in the state title game. It won't be easy for Katy, though. They'll probably have to get by 9th-ranked Smithson Valley in the semi's. But Katy is the pick.

4A Divison I: This is an easy pick, yet a hard pick, because the state championship game is going to be played in the second round. Texas High will get a rematch against Highland Park, who beat them in the first round of the playoffs last year on their way to the state title. We think the Texas High Tigers get their revenge and win the Division I championship.

4A Divison II: This should be a wide open division this year. Whitehouse has the chance to go pretty far. Unfortunately, their lack of depth may haunt them in round three when they play 9th-ranked Waco. Waco should play Stephenville in the semi's. We give the nod to Stephenville. But in the end, Brenham should emerge as the champion.

3A Division I: Gilmer coach Jeff Traylor knew before the season even started that his Buckeyes would probably have to face Liberty-Eylau in the first round. If they get by that game, it should be clear sailing all the way to the title game. Their opponent will more than likely be the winner of the second round matchup between Hutto and Diboll. Our nod goes to Diboll. In an All-East Texas final, Gilmer wins their second state championship in three years.

3A Division II: There are several good teams happy Gilmer is Division I. Key games include Celina versus Dallas Madison, Brownsboro versus Atlanta, and West Orange Stark versus Gidding, all in the second round. We think Madison emerges over Atlanta for the Region two title. Cuero should stop West Orange Stark in the semi's. That sets up a classic between Cuero and Madison. Our pick is Cuero as champion.

2A Division I: The simple truth here is Region three is the state championship bracket. Whoever emerges from this region will have their toughest competition behind them. 5th-ranked Tatum will most likely play 6th-ranked Jefferson in the second round. The winner of that game will have to face the winner of 4th-ranked Newton against 7th-ranked Marlin. Our pick, and I know it's the safe pick, but who cares... Tatum wins their second straight title.

2A Division II: Again, Region three probably holds the state champion. 2005 state finalists Paul Pewitt (2A-DII) and Big Sandy (1A) match up in the first round and it takes off from there. #2 Crawford will have a say in the outcome of that side of the Region three bracket, with #1 Mart probably coming out of the other side, if they can get by Troup. The Region champion should face #3 Lexington in the semifinals, then face #9 Blanco in the finals. our pick is Mart.

1A Division I: 1A moves to two divisions this year for the first time. There are only two ranked teams in Division I, and they will have to play each other in the third round. #2 Alto beats #6 Wolfe City and goes on to win the state title.

1A Division II: This is anyone's guess. A lot of good teams will have a shot at it. Expect #2 New Deal to win out in Region 1, but fall to #1 Windthorst in the semifinals. We think #10 Grapeland can make it to the semifinals, but will have their hands full with #5 Chilton. Regardless of who wins that game, we think Windthorst wins the state title.

Final High School Football Poll

East Texas schools made a strong showing in every classification ranking in the final AP high school football poll, which means once again, East Texas should make a strong showing in the playoffs. Lufkin finishes as the second ranked team in 5A. Texas High is the topped ranked team in 4A. Gilmer slips by Cuero in the final week to take over the top spot in 3A. 2A is packed with East Texas talent. Former number ones Tatum and Jefferson finish fifth and sixth respectively. Troup finishes tenth. And, in 1A, Alto finishes second with Grapeland 10th.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hunting Tip: Coffee and Venison?

Gander Mountain has been kind enough to periodically send us some hunting and fishing tips. Here's one on cooking venision from Elite Pro Staff member Keith Warren:

Recently, I learned of a new way to cook back strap. Although it may sound very unusual, it is out of this world. Here is how to do it. Cut back straps a full 2” thick and place them in your favorite marinade, I use Cajun Injector Garlic Creole. Usually it takes hours to marinate thick cuts of meat, but in a marinade canister by Tilia (manufacturer of the Foodsaver, www.foodsaver.com), it only takes 20 minutes.

Remove the marinated meat and drain excess liquid from the meat. Wrap cut of meat with bacon. Then sprinkle the upper side with garlic salt. Next, take pulverized freeze-dried instant coffee crystals and lightly dust the salted side. Allow to sit for 20 minutes or until the coffee resembles chocolate syrup. Then turn the meat over and do the same on the other side.Cook over a medium fire for six minutes per side for medium rare, longer for medium or well-done. I know this sounds odd, but it will be an unbelievable piece of meat. The garlic salt draws out the blood, and the coffee causes it to form a coating that will help the meat retain its moisture.With this recipe we have come up with a new family favorite -- just another way to enjoy a successful hunt. By the way, I am far from being considered a good cook. Just ask my wife. But with this recipe, it is hard to do a bad job.

Keith Warren
Gander Mountain Elite Pro Staff Member and
TV Host of Keith Warren's Outdoor Adventures

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gander Mountain Hunting Tip: Deer Hunting

Gander Mountain has been nice enough to periodically pass along some hunting and fishing tips. With deer season set to begin, here is a good set of tips from Elite Pro Staff Member Ray Howell:

Quick Tips for Deer Hunting
· Always keep the wind in your favor (work into or quarter into it). If at all possible, use scent-blocking clothing and scent killer odor sprays. They will eliminated human odors or keep them very low.
· Your bow or firearms should be covered with a camo cloth tape or have a dull finish to prevent any f reflection from the sun. When using your bow, sound-dampening equipment should be incorporated into your hunting system so that when you make the shot, the animal will not hear it coming.
· Use a scentless face camo to help keep the shine of your face concealed.
· While stalking your prey, do not be in a hurry. Wait for your prey to make the mistakes, and then capitalize on them. A lot of times, you can get too anxious to get the shot and actually "blow" an opportunity very easily.
· Use the landscape to your benefit and never silhouette yourself.
· Use a powder device to constantly check the wind direction.
· And always remember that one set of eyes is a lot easier to stalk up on than several sets.

Ray Howell
Gander Mountain Elite Pro Staff Member and
Founder of Kicking Bear Youth Program

Thursday, October 19, 2006

KLTV 7 College Football Games for October 21

Here are the football games KLTV 7 will be airing Saturday, October 21. The second game has been changed from the Florida State game to the Michigan game:

Texas @ Nebraska

Iowa @ Michigan

Hunting Tip: Long Range Shooting

Gander Mountain is nice enough to provide us with periodic hunting and fishing tips. This week, Elite Pro Staff member Craig Boddington gives us a long range shooting tip:

Modern centerfire rifles have accuracy and range far beyond the capabilities of most hunters, and inexpensive laser rangefinders now eliminate that variable. The two remaining problems for shooting at longer ranges are wind and stability. You can’t do much about wind; if it’s windy and the distance is considerable you have a very risky shot that you should consider carefully-and probably pass. But you can do plenty about getting steady. Many hunters carry bipods and shooting sticks; others prefer to rest over a daypack. Whatever method you prefer, practice extensively on the range. Get away from the bench and learn how to get steady in field positions fast-and then you’ll have more time to evaluate the shot and make sure of your hold.
Craig Boddington
Elite Pro Staff Member
Host of Gun's and Ammo & SureFire's Tracks Across Africa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Do You Want To Play Semi-Pro Football?

If your high school football career is over but you still have the itch to strap on the pads and play some football, then you need to check out the Texas Xtreme. They play in the Texas United Football League (TUFL) with over 30 teams from Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

The Xtreme will be holding their final tryouts on Saturday, November 4th at 9am at Brownsboro High School's practice field. There is a $20 cash fee due at registration. Players will be tested in the 40, shuttle, and various position skills. You should wear grass shoes, shorts and a white T-shirt.

Former Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne In East Texas

Nebraska Congressman Tom Osborne, the legendary Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach, will be a guest of Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert at an Old Fashioned Bar-B-Que Supper at Harvey Hall on Monday, October 23 from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

The cost is $25 per person. Children 12 and under are free.

U.S. Army All-American Bowl Selections

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl Selection Tour has hit East Texas.

Texas High quarterback Ryan Mallett will receive his invitation to play in the game Thursday afternoon at Noon in the Texas High Cafeteria.

A member of the Gilmer Buckeyes will receive his invitation to play in the game, Friday at 7:00pm at Buckeye Stadium.

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is scheduled for January 6 at Noon.

East Texas High School Players Earning Weekly Honors

Ford is honoring Texas high school football players with weekly honors for their performance on the field. Longview News Journal's Bob Ward is a member of the Advisory Board that helps pick one player in each class every week. The award comes out every Thursday. So far, at least one East Texan has been honored in four of the five weeks.

Week Zero/One: 1A-T.J. Adams, RB, Beckville
Week Two: 3A-G.J. Kinne, QB, Gilmer
Week Four: 2A-Chris Davis, RB, Troup
Week Five: 3A-Justin Sturns, QB, Rusk - 1A-Brock Blair, RB, Union Hill

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Martin's Mill Cager Committs To Texas Tech

Martin's Mill's All-State Center Jordan Barncastle gave a verbal committment to Texas Tech today, even though she hasn't played her junior year of basketball yet. In March, Barncastle scored 25 points to lead the Lady Mustangs to a 61-30 win over Slocum in the 1A Division One State Championship game. Barncastle earned tournament MVP. She was also named 1A Plyer of the Year. Her Dad, Martin's Mill head coach Doug Barncastle says there won't be any waffling on this committment, even though she has two years of high school basketball still to play. Texas Tech is where she has always dreamed of playing.

Hunting Tip: Blazing New Trails

Gander Mountain is nice enough to provide us with periodic hunting and fishing tips. This week, they offer a tip on how to create a new trail for deer.

When deer consistently move by your stand out of range, you can often divert the deer by placing some nearby deadfalls over the existing trail. Then create a new trail leading to your stand area, adding some deer scent with a drag. One of the keys is to wear rubber gloves and boots. You don’t want to leave your scent anywhere. Disturbing the terrain is actually quite natural, as storms come through, leaves fall, branches break and the overall forest changes daily.
Joe Bucher
Elite Pro Staff Member and TV Host

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bull Bash in Longview

There's a cool event coming up in Longview. It's the CBR Bull Bash Tour 2006, Saturday, Octoboer 14th at 8pm at the Longview Fair Grounds. Some of the biggest, and baddest bulls around will be trying to buck off some of the top bull riders in the country, like CBR/PRCA World Champion Matt Austin, World Champion Cody Hancock, and NFR Qualifier Bryan Richardson.

This is such a big event, it will be televised on the Outdoor Channel November 15th.

$15 Reserved in Advance ($20 at the gate)
$10 Adult General Admission ($12 at the gate)
$4 Child General Admission ($6 at the gate) (4 to 12)
3 and under are Free

Tickets are on sale at Cavender's Boot City in Longview, Supercuts in the Target Shopping Center in Longview and Horaney's Feed Store in downtown Longview.

KLTV 7 College Football Schedule For October 14

Here are the games KLTV 7 is scheduled to carry Saturday, October 14.

Missouri @ Texas A&M

Michigan @ Penn Sate

Texas College Players Earn Weekly Honors

Kudos to Texas College defensive back Dathan Brown and tight end Justin Carter. Brown earned Central States Football League Defensive Player of the Week honors, while Carter earned Offensive Player of the Week honors.

Brown picked off two passes in the Steers 21-7 win over Bacone College. One of his interceptions resulted in a 97 yard touchdown. Brown also had two pass break ups and three solo tackles.

Carter scored two of the three touchdowns in the win. The Steers' tight end caught three passes for 58 yards.

Texas College is now 1-0 in conference play as they attempt to defend their conference title.

Monday, October 09, 2006

ETBU Footballer Earns Weekly Honor

MARSHALL, Texas – Running back Brandon Sampson of East Texas Baptist University has been named the American Southwest Conference Offensive Player of the Week following the Tigers’ 41-24 win over McMurry Saturday.

Sampson (5-6, 185) tied a team record with three touchdowns and was the first Tiger to rush for 100 yards this season as ETBU (1-5, 1-3) snapped a five-game losing streak with its seventh consecutive win against McMurry (2-4, 1-3). The record performance came in just his second game at running back this season, as he was a starting cornerback the first three weeks of the year before making the switch due to injuries in the Tiger backfield.

Sampson, a native of Grambling, La., who attended high school at Westside High School in Houston, finished the day with 14 carries for 112 yards and three touchdowns. The three scores tied the team record of three rushing touchdowns set previously by Tauborick Thursby on Oct. 30, 2004, against Mary Hardin-Baylor and by Phil Van Cleave on Sept. 18, 2004, against Howard Payne.

It was the second straight game a player had either set or tied a team single-game record for touchdowns for the Tigers. In a 31-28 loss to Texas Lutheran on Sept. 30, Van Cleave set a team mark for passing touchdowns with four, and wide receiver Jason Gray tied a team record with three receiving touchdowns.

Two of Sampson’s touchdowns Saturday came in the fourth quarter and helped ETBU seal its first win since the regular season finale last year, which was also against McMurry.

Sampson and the Tigers face another huge test this week, as they travel to Abilene to face nationally-ranked Hardin-Simmons at 2 p.m. on Saturday. ETBU is 0-6 all-time against the Cowboys since joining the ASC in 2000.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hunting Tip: The Buck Stops Here!

Gander Mountain periodically sends me hunting and fishing tips from their pro staff memebers. Here's a hunting tip from Pro Staff Manager Mike Kurre:

The best reason to build a mock scrape is to draw a buck into range and hold him there for the shot. Once you find a spot with a low hanging branch within range (archery or firearms), kick out the grass or weeds with your rubber boots in a 2 foot circle. Using rubber gloves, scar up the branch over your scrape and snap one tip so it points straight down, but don't break it off completely. This will create a "worked over" look. Then add a scrape dripper with estrus scent and you’ve created your own mock scrape.

Mike "Cold Front" Kurre
Pro Staff Manager

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

KLTV 7 College Football Schedule For Oct. 7

Here are the college football games to be aired on KLTV 7 this Saturday.

National Broadcast:

Texas vs. Oklahoma @ Cotton Bowl

Regional Broadcast:

Nebraska @ Iowa State

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lufkin's "True Web Gem"

Anyone in East Texas who follows high school football closely knows about Lufkin's website for their football team. It's an extremely impressive site that includes news, features and plenty of pictures on the team.

This week's Sports Illustrated recognizes www.lufkinpantherfootball.com as one of the best high school websites in the country. It's in their new High School section in an article called "True Web Gems". There's even a picture of the site.

Astros Playoff Tickets On Sale? You Bet!

With 12 games to play, the Astros trailed the Cardinals by 7 games. Today, the Astros began selling tickets for the National League Division Series! What a difference a week makes. Houston's winning streak, coupled with the Cardinals losing streak has turned was was destined to be a dissapointing season for the Astros into a glimmer of hope. The Cardinals still hold their own destiny, but barely.

By the way, you can get your tickets at astros.com...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hunting Tip: Whitetail Deer Hunting - Carry A Grunt Tube!

Gander Mountain has been kind enough to provide us periodic hunting and fishing tips from their pro staff members. This weeks tip talks about a specific form of game calling:

Grunting up whitetails doesn’t work all the time, any more than any other form of game calling. But while you’re sitting on your stand, an occasional series on a grunt tube does no harm, and unlike rattling, it may pull in a buck at any time of the season, whether the rut is on or not. A second and perhaps more important use for a grunt call is to stop a passing buck in order to get a stationary shot. Even bucks that are actively chasing does are likely to pause momentarily when you give a soft grunt.
Craig Boddington
Elite Pro Staff Member, Author and TV Host of SureFire's Tracks Across Africa

Monday, September 25, 2006

Texas HOF Class of '06 Announced

The Texas Hall of Fame announced today it's Class of 2006:

DeLoss Dodds - University of Texas Athletic Director
Mia Hamm - International Soccer Star
Rafer Johnson - Olympic decathlete
Jerry Jones - Dallas Cowboys Owner
Roosevelt Leaks - Former University of Texas running back
Warren Moon - Former Houston Oilers quarterback
Don Perkins - Former Dallas Cowboys running back
Billy Sims - Heisman Trophy winner

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hunting Tip: Archery Tips

Gander Mountain has been nice enough to share some hunting and fishing tips to help you get the most enjoyment from your experience in the outdoors. This weeks tip comes from Gander Mountain Pro Staff member Ray Howell. He offers some Archery Tips:

Practicing outside in the same conditions you'll be hunting in (wearing the same clothing) is the best way to keep your confidence up and your shooting ability sharp at the archery range or in the stand.

If you are a right-handed shooter, sew the left sleeves of all your undergarments and outer clothing to tighten them up to give you clearance with your bow string. You may also have to sew in or tighten the chest area of your outer layer of clothing to keep your string from making contact. If you're left-handed, just do the opposite.

Ray Howell
Elite Pro Staff Member and Founder of Kicking Youth Programs

Bob Knight To OU: Now You Know How It Feels

Leave it to Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight to put the University of Oklahoma's controversial football loss to Oregon last Saturday into perspective. He's never one to pass up a jab against a rival.

Oregon scored a couple of late touchdowns to beat Oklahoma 34-33. Those touchdowns were aided by a couple of bad calls by the officials, which weren't overturned by replay officials. In response, O-U President Dave Boren called for the suspension of the officials involved for the rest of the season, and for the game itself to be wiped from the record books.

Knight remembers a game a few years ago in which his Red Raiders lost at Oklahoma as the result of similarly bad calls. At the time, Knight called for the Sooners to forfeit the game.

"Maybe now those people at Oklahoma understand what I was talking about," Knight said recently to The Oklahoman newspaper in Oklahoma City. "Now I guess the 'duck' is swimming in the other pond."


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Gold Ball!

Congratulations to Tyler resident Russell Seymour. The 76-year-old won the doubles title this past weekend at the U.S.T.A. Clay Court Championships in Arlington, Virginia. He earned a "Gold Ball" for the title. It was the 72nd gold ball of his career!

Several East Texas Athletes Honored This Week

Player of the Week honors are a great way to recognize individuals who excel over the short term. This week, East Texas had several athletes earn that honor.

East Texas Baptist University’s Traci Twardowski has been named the American Southwest Conference East Division Setter of the Week, after averaging 9.19 assists in five games, with 40 digs, six kills and four service aces.

Texas College freshman quarterback X'Zavier Bloodshaw earned Central States Football League Offensive Player of the Week honors after passing for 221 yards and three touchdowns in the Steer's 37-34 win over Belhaven. It was the Steers first win of the season.

Kilgore College defensive end Tyrell Herndon has been named the Southwest Junior College Football Conference's Defensive Player of the Week. The 6'3", 235 lb. sophomore had 10 tackles, two for loss, one sack and three pressures in helping guide the Rangers to their first win last Saturday at 10th-ranked Navarro, 27-16.

For the second week in a row a LeTourneau University soccer player has been honored on D3Kicks.com’s Team of the Week. Last week, it was men’s defender Ryan Rector (Longview/Longview HS) and this week it is women’s freshman defender Brooke Kincade (Sugar Land/Elkins HS) who is being honored. Kincade helped lead the LadyJackets to their best week in school history. In a 3-0 week, she was an integral part of a defense that registered a shutout win against Austin College on Tuesday. On Friday, she played a first half in which the Jackets did not allow Louisiana College a single shot plus she assisted on a goal. On Saturday, she helped the Jacket defense limit Mississippi College, who had been averaging 3.6 goals per game, to just one goal and 10 shots. In addition to her defense, she assisted on the game-winning goal with 1:35 left in regulation.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bad Calls, Worse Reaction

No one likes to see bad calls in a football game, especially bad calls that could have an affect on the outcome of a game, but University of Oklahoma President David Boren may be taking the Sooners loss a little too seriously.

He is now getting involved in the controversy over two controversial calls near the end of Saturday's OU - Oregon game. The calls on an on-side kick and a pass interference call both
went against Oklahoma even though replays indicated the calls could've gone against Oregon.

Boren is sending a letter to Big 12 Conference commissioner Kevin Weiberg in which Boren says the - quote - "lapse of accurate officiating" is - quote - "an outrageous injustice." Boren wants Weiberg to take several steps including asking for an apology from the Pac 10 for what Boren calls "gross errors in officiating" and to ask that the game not be recorded as a win or a loss by either team.

He also wants the officials who reviewed the plays suspended for the rest of the season; that the Big 12 ask the Pac 10 to change its rule calling for only Pac 10 officials at non-conference home
games; and for the Big 12 to call for a discussion of how the replay review process should be implemented.

O-U athletic director Joe Castiglione has already asked for a review of the officiating and Pac 10 Commissioner Tim Hansen says the results of that review will be announced tomorrow.

You wonder if Boren would be so involved if Oregon would have missed it's game winning field goal. It sounds to me like he has a little Sore-Loser Syndrome!

Fantasy Football: Week 2 Player News

Since about 8.5 million people participate in fantasy football leagues in North America, I thought I'd pass along some fantasy notes from this past week.

--Peyton Manning passed for 400 yards and three touchdowns as the Colts blew out Houston 43-24. Manning connected on 26 of his 38 passes to pass Johnny Unitas as the team's all-time
leader in completions.
--Marvin Harrison moved ahead of Art Monk for fifth on the career receptions list while catching seven passes for 127 yards.
--Reggie Wayne had six receptions for 135 yards.
--David Carr threw 3 touchdown passes in the loss.
--Eli Manning passed for 371 yards and 3 TD's as the New York Giants beat Philadelphia in overtime.
--Amani Toomer had12 catches for 137 yards and two TD's.
--Plaxio Burress had 6 catches for 114 yards and 1 TD.
--Donovan McNabb threw for 350 yards and two TD's for the Eagles.
--Tight End L.J. Smith was his leading receiver, catching 7 passes for 111 yards.
--Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell had 3 field goals (26,22,19) and extra point and a 16-yard TD pass to Richard Owens in Minnesota's 16-13 OT win over Carolina.
--Vikings running back Chester Taylor had 24 carries for 113 yards.
--Michael Turner ran for 138 yards, including a 75-yard carry as
the San Diego Chargers blasted Tennessee 40-7.
--LaDainian Tomlinson carried 19 times for 71 yards and a TD for the Chargers.
--Rex Grossman set career highs by throwing for 289 yards and 4 TD's in Chicago's 34-7 romp over Detroit.
--Bears TE John Gilmore caught 2 short TD passes.
--Matt Stover hit 4 field goals (25,33,37,23) in the Baltimore Ravens 28-6 rout of Oakland.
--Darrell Jackson had five receptions for 127 yards and a TD in Seattle's 21-10 win over Arizona.
--Terry Glenn grabbed six passes for 94 yards and a TD as Dallas thumped Washington 27-10.
--Cincinnati's Carson Palmer passed for 352 yards and 2 TD's in the Bengals 34-17 rout of Cleveland.
--Bengals running back Rudi Johnson ran for 145 yards and 2 T-D's.
--Drew Brees completed 26 of 41 passes for 353 yards and 2 TD's as New Orleans rallied to beat Green Bay 34-27.
--Deuce McAllister had just 47 rushing yards, but he scored 2 of the Saints TD's.
--Brett Favre threw for 350 yards and 3 TD's in the loss.
--Donald Driver had 153 receiving yards.
--Donald Driver was on the receiving end of 153 yards worth of Favre passes.
--Frank Gore ran for 127 yards and a TD as San Francisco knocked off St. Louis 20-13.
--Antonio Bryant had 131 yards receiving and a TD for the 49er's.
--The Rams Steven Jackson had 103 rushing yards in the loss.
--Larry Johnson had 126 rushing yards and 41 receiving yards in the Chiefs 9-6 loss to Denver.
--Michael Vick broke his own NFL record for quarterbacks by running for 127 yards and a TD.
-- Warrick Dunn finished with 134 rushing yards.
--Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms threw for 313 yards but was intercepted three times.
--Joey Galloway caught 9 passes for 161 yards.
--Chad Pennington threw for 306 yards, 2 TD's and 1 Interception in the Jets 24-17 loss to New England.
--Jerricho Cotchery had 121 yards receiving and a TD for the Jets.
--Laveranues Coles had 100 yards receiving and a TD for the Jets.

Friday, September 15, 2006

New Sponsor For TJC Athletics

Tyler Junior College picked up a big sponsor for their athletic department. AT&T announced today they will sponsor TJC home football, men's and women's basketball, home soccer and home baseball games. They will also be a big part of the highly popular high school basketball tournament, the TJC Wagstaff Holiday Classic.

"We are pleased to add AT&T's sponsorship assistance to the tournament and our home spectator sports for the 2006-2007 season," said TJC's director of intercollegiate athletics Dr. Tim Drain. "Bringing strong corporate sponsors, like AT&T, ensures that growth and innovation remain ahllmarks at TJC sports. We are thankful for their generous assistance to help us emphasize a vibrant student life on our campus."

"The Wagstaff Holiday Classic basketball tournament has brought an atmosphere of excitement and unity to East Texas," said AT&T's Candice Gast. "We look forward to partnerships like this because they encompass what AT&T is all about--connecting families, friends and neighbors."

The Wagstaff Holiday Classic is scheduled for December 27 to 31. More than 15,000 fans are expected to attend this year.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Classic Jerry Jones

Bob Costas in an interview with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

"Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, recently he got in business with Tom Cruise. Who would you like to be in business with?"

Jones: "Well, I think that's really a big starter for the difference in our organizations, our philosophy. Nicole Kidman would be my business partner."

Sooners Expecting More Big Plays From Longview's Malcolm Kelly

As the Oklahoma Sooners look to pass the ball to take some pressure off their running back, Palestine's Adrian Peterson, receiver Malcolm Kelly of Longview is being counted on to produce big plays.

Kelly did that last Saturday against Washington with six catches for 121 yards and two touchdowns.

Coach Bob Stoops says Kelly has a chance to be a great player because of his size, speed and strong hands.

And Kelly says he knows he's being counted on to produce, to help take a defense's total focus off stopping Peterson.

OU plays at Oregon Saturday.

Hunting Tip: Take Good Care of Your Hunting Buddy!

Gander Mountain has been nice enough to provide me periodically with a hunting or fishing tip to pass along. Here's one on taking care of your hunting dog:

If you hunt with a dog make sure when buying an upland game vest you get one with a water bottle pocket (and use it). Your dog is covering a lot more ground than you and his hydration needs are greater. Also a little moisture on his nose will maximize his scenting ability.

Little Morgan and Mike Jackson
Champion Dock Dog Jumper and Elite Pro Staff Member

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Next Tanya Harding?

GREELEY, Colo. — The University of Northern Colorado's reserve punter was arrested Tuesday, accused of stabbing his rival in his kicking leg.

Mitch Cozad, a sophomore from Wheatland, Wyo., allegedly attacked starting punter Rafael Mendoza in a parking lot in Evans on Monday night, Evans police Lt. Gary Kessler said.

Mendoza, the Bears' first-string punter from Thornton, was treated and released from the North Colorado Medical Center Monday night. Coach Scott Downing said Mendoza will not punt for UNC in Saturday's game at Texas State University.

"I don't know how long he'll be out because I haven't talked to the doctor," Downing said.

Cozad, Mendoza and freshman Zak Bigelow had been in a three-way race for the starting punter's job in preseason training. Mendoza has averaged 37.6 yards per punt on nine punts in the two games so far this season.

Cozad is facing second-degree assault charges and was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday for a bond hearing. He was suspended from the team, evicted from his residence and expelled from school on Tuesday, The Greeley Tribune reported.

Monday, September 11, 2006

KLTV 7 College Football Schedule For Sept. 16

Here is the KLTV 7 college football schedule for Saturday.

Regional Broadcast:

Oklahoma @ Oregon

National Broadcast:

Nebraska @ USC

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Colts Super Bowl Champs: You Can Bet On It

I'm not much of a gambler, but I know enough to know that oddsmakers are right way more than they are wrong. Having said that, Vegas.com has posted it's odds for the 2007 Super Bowl winner. The Indianapolis Colts lead the way at 7/2. Seattle, New England and Carolina are right behind at 6/1. Then, there's the Cowboys. Dallas has 7/1 odds to win it all. That's pretty good! It's the third best odds in the NFC. Many publications are picking the Cowboys to make it to the Super Bowl.

Fishing Tip: Tough Spots

Here's another fishing tip from Gander Mountain, this time from Jason Przekurat on how to CLEAN you fishing boat:

Boat cleaning can be a hassle but here are a couple tips that work for me while fishing the FLW Walleye Tour. Ever had those hard water spots on your boat that you can't get off? Here's the solution. Buy a few medium size spray bottles, a bottle of vinegar, and some water. Mix a solution of 25% vinegar to 75% water in the spray bottles and keep them in your truck. This will take care of those spots.
Another tip is for the areas in and around your motor, hoses, tilt and trim, etc. Spray Armour All tire foam in those hard-to-reach spots. Give it a few minutes to evaporate and they will look like new again.
Jason Przekurat
Gander Mountain Elite ProStaff

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hit The Beach In Downtown Tyler.

The City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department is now registering teams for the 2006 “Beach Volleyball Tournament.”

The cost per team is $150. Teams consist of up to 8 members. The tournament is part of Festival on the Square and will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 16, at 105 East Erwin.

The deadline to register is Wednesday, September 13.

Event sponsors include Tyler Parks and Recreation Department, Tyler Morning Telegraph and the Heart of Tyler Association.

For more information, call Van Jordan at 903-531-1377.

TJC Player Earns National Honor

TJC sophomore wide receiver Johnny Knox earned the NJCAA Football Offensive Player of the Week honor for last week's games.

Knox is from Channelview High School. In his second game of the season, Knox caught four passes for 188 yards help lead Tyler Junior College to an upset victory over 2nd-ranked Trinity Valley Community College 26-23 on September 2. His first reception came on the second play of the game and was good for a 75 yard touchdown. Knox again set the offensive tone for Tyler in the second half as he scored on a 66 yard touchdown reception on Tyler's first play of the third quarter.

In Tyler's 2006 season opener against Hutchinson Community College he caught five passes for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Mack Thinking About Tucker

It's been a trying week for University of Texas head football coach Mack Brown. He was forced to suspend two players, including a starter for this weeks game against number one ranked Ohio State. And despite being busy putting together a game plan for the big day, he still found time to think about Tucker Thomison. Tucker is an 8-year-old from Brownsboro who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. We've done several stories on the "Team Tucker" t-shirts being sold to help raise money for Tucker and his family.

This is the thing. Tucker is a huge Longhorns fan. He wanted a Longhorns skull cap to cover his head, because he's starting to lose his hair due to the chemotherapy treatment. The problem is, his family couldn't find a Longhorns skull cap anywhere. Well, word got to Austin, and today a package arrived from Mack Brown, containing an official Longhorns skull cap, as well as a little Longhorns football helmet signed by Tyler native Aaron Ross.

As a member of the media, I tend to remain neutral when it comes to sporting events. But in this case, I'm going to make an exception. Hook 'em horns!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

John Tyler and Lee Ticket Information

ROBERT E LEE @ EULESS TRINITY (Pennington Field) – 7:30 pm

General Admission Tickets Purchased in advance- $3.00 Students - $5.00 Adult

All General Admission Tickets at the Gate - $7.00

NOTE: CAMPUS SALE - Tickets will be sold to students and faculty only on the REL campus Wednesday, and Thursday.


TISD Athletic Office located at the Plyler Complex on 807 W. Glenwood Wednesday and Thursday only from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

T&T Lewis Texaco 903 W. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. during regular business hours.

Tyler Athletic 5201 S. Broadway Times Square Shopping Center during regular business hours


JOHN TYLER @ DALLAS CARTER (Jesse Owens Sports Complex)– 7:30 pm
No Ticket Sales in advance

All General Admission Tickets at the Gate - $3.00 Students - $5.00 Adults

DiMikel Shankle Will Play Again This Season

Good news for Spring Hill's DiMikel Shankle. The running back is expected to be able to play again this season. Shankle injured his right knee Friday against Lindale. He missed all but three games last season when he blew out his left knee. Spring Hill head coach Robert Bero told me today, Shankle will rehab the knee for three weeks, then will strap on a knee brace and return to the field.

One Vs. Two

Whether an effort to build hype, or a legitimate ranking change, Texas has moved up a spot to number two on the Associated Press college football poll released today. With Ohio State number one, that sets up one versus two Saturday when the Buckeyes travel to Texas. It seems kind of convenient Notre Dame would fall two spots in the rankings, despite a win on Saturday. I guess voters felt either Texas or Ohio State would fall after this week, allowing them to move Notre Dame back up, assuming the Fighting Irish beats #19 Penn State.

It's just interesting to see all of the movement this week. USC jumped from #6 to #3, Tennessee jumped from #23 to #11, and Michigan #14 to #10. Notre Dame, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Nebraska, TCU and Arizona State all FELL in the rankings despite a win.

Nothing (Head) Butt The Truth

Soccer fans now know why French star Zinedine Zidane head-butted Italy's Marco Materazzi in the World Cup. During an interview in Rome, Materazzi admitted to holding Zidane's jersey, which prompted the Frenchman to tell the Italian, "if you want, I'll give you the jersey later."

In response, Materazzi said he, "preferred his sister."

That was enough for Zidane who responded with his well-known head-butt. He was booted from the game and the Italians won on penalty kicks.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Big Win For Alba-Golden

Alba-Golden beat Cumby Friday night 7-6. It has been brought to my attention, that was Alba-Golden's first win in more than four years. Good job to the Panthers for starting the new season on a good note. There's a good vibe surrounding this team and it appears as if this won't be their only win.

DiMikel Shankle Injury Update

Spring Hill running back DiMikel Shankle is expected to find out tomorrow morning how bad he injured his knee in Friday's loss to Lindale. It is not the same knee he injured last year. Spring Hill head coach Robert Bero told me today Shankle had an MRI done on the knee on Saturday and will learn the results tomorrow.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tyler Tennis Player To Be Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Tyler tennis player Bill Lust is one of four outstanding Texas tennis players chosen for induction to the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame. Bill Lust is a native of Minnesota, but he moved to Texas in 1947. His many tennis accomplishments include winning the 1953 Dallas Open, going undefeated in tournament play from 1956 to 1958 and winning the Sectional Doubles Championship in 1958 with partner James Schulze (a 1989 Hall of Fame Inductee), scoring the Men’s Singles 55 National Grass Championship in 1985 and retiring a East Texas Open trophy in 1966 after winning the tournament three times. He continues to be a champion player, winning both the Men’s 75 Singles and Doubles (with Ray Beall) tournament in 2005. Despite this, Lust notes that his most favorite tennis memories center around the people he has met while starting, and growing the East Texas Open into a major Adult Zone tournament, planning the Tyler Tennis and Swim Club, acting as President of the Tyler Area Tennis Association and hitting balls with junior tennis players to help develop their game.

The Induction ceremony is scheduled for November 4, 2006 at the Texas Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame in Waco. Tickets for the event are available to the public by contacting Maria VanVreede at the Texas Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame at 254-756-2307, or txtennismuseum@earthlink.net.

Fishing Tip: Back Bay Bass

Here is another fishing tip from Gander Mountain Pro Staff member Jake Dammarell:

As summer slips away and the nights begin to chill the water temperatures, bass start their migration back to the shallow waters of backwater bays and skinny shorelines. At this time of year, bass can be found in shallow water chasing shad that have migrated to the backs of these creek arms. The shallow movement is no secret, but catching them can be hard at times. Keep in mind that the bass will be traveling in schools and trapping baitfish either against the shoreline or a perhaps a shallow water break, such as a sandbar. Remember that these fish are highly motivated and are likely to travel large distances in a short time, so keep your eye on the electronics for baitfish. As soon as you see those arches, the bass are not too far behind.

Jake Dammarell
Gander Mountain Pro Staff
Merrillville, IN

KLTV 7 College Football Schedule For Sept. 9

Here are the college football games scheduled for September 9th on KLTV 7:

Washington @ Oklahoma
Regional Telecast

Ohio State @ Texas
National Telecast.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gorman And Gorman

I got a very interesting e-mail from TK Gorman Principal James P. Franz today talking about Las Vegas Bishop Gorman, in town this week to play Gilmer Thursday night in the Trinity Mother Frances Football Classic at TMF Rose Stadium.

Bishop Gorman Catholic School in Las Vegas, which plays tomorrow night against Gilmer in the (Trinity Mother Frances) Football Classic, is named for the same person as the local Bishop Gorman School. Thomas Kiely Gorman was the first Bishop of Reno, Nevada from 1931-1952. From 1952-1959 he served as the Bishop of Dallas-Ft. Worth before retiring. (see http://www.catholic-hierarchy.org/bishop/bgormant.html)

It is very unusual in US Catholic schools to have two schools named after the same person; when it does happen, that person is usually a Saint, a pope or founder of a religious order.

Tyler Bishop Gorman football team and cheerleaders are hosting Bishop Gorman Las Vegas football team and cheerleaders to lunch on Friday at 12:10 here at the school. We will make a short presentation to them then. In addition, the Tyler cheerleading squad will be at the Gorman Las Vegas game cheering on the team.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Earl Campbell Dedication Set

TISD is set to rename the field at Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium, Earl Campbell field. The ceremony is set for 7:30pm, prior to the start of John Tyler's game against Texas High in the finale of the Trinity Mother Frances Football Classic on Saturday, Sept. 2.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pro Pick 'em Contest To Start Thursday

A lot of people have been asking about our Pro Pigskin Pick 'em Contest. Yes, we will be hosting that contest again this year, where you can pick the NFL teams each week and win weekly prizes, as well as grand prizes at the end of the season. Look for that contest to start this Thursday, August 31.

Friday, August 25, 2006

KLTV 7 College Football Schedule For Sept. 2

Everyone always wants to know what college football games KLTV 7 will carry each Saturday. I'll try to give a heads up as early as I can. Here are the games for Saturday, September 2:

Northern Illinois @ Ohio State
Regional Game
2:30-6:00 PM

Notre Dame @ Georgia Tech
National Game
7:00-10:30 PM

A Look Inside ETBU's Football Scrimmage

Here are some pictures from East Texas Baptist University's intrasquad football scrimmage Thursday at Ornelas Stadium. Descriptions are below each picture:

ETBU’s 6-7, 320-pound sophomore left tackle Jeremy Ashcraft (78) battles defensive end Chad Glover (91) for control of the line of scrimmage.

ETBU sophomore quarterback Antroin Broom (red jersey) hands off to freshman running back Marcus Booker (32).

ETBU senior quarterback Phil Van Cleave loosens up with a throw downfield during pre-scrimmage warmups.

The Tigers will hold a second and final intrasquad scrimmage Saturday at 2 p.m. in Ornelas Stadium, with the season opener fast approaching on Saturday, Sept. 2, against Trinity University in San Antonio.

Cowboys Honoring Dat Nguyen Saturday

This from the Cowboys today:

The Dallas Cowboys will honor retired linebacker Dat Nguyen at the beginning of halftime during Saturday night’s game with the San Francisco 49ers at Texas Stadium. Nguyen retired in the spring after seven years with the organization.

Following a stellar career at Texas A&M, Nguyen was selected in the third round of the 1999 NFL by Dallas. He went on to start 65 of his 90 career games with the Cowboys before a series of injuries forced his premature retirement this year. He closed his career in Dallas with 665 career tackles, 34 tackles for lost yardage, 30 pass break-ups and seven interceptions. He had three seasons of at least 100 tackles and was the club’s leading tackler in all three of his final seasons where he played in 16 games (2004, 2003 and 2001).

Fishing Tip: Lure Colors

Here's another fishing tip from Gander Mountain. Chris Busalacchi talks about lure colors:

Lure color and light conditions go hand-in-hand. Time of day, water clarity, weather, i.e. clouds, fog, sun, etc. and waves, all have an affect on how your baits appear at depth. Glow, white, green, and blue are good during low -light periods. Yellow, red, orange, purple, and black shine when the sun is high. Depth also has a huge impact on these colors. Your bright colors loose their effectiveness below about 50’ due to lack of light penetration. Below 50’, glow, white, green, blue, and purple are predominant colors. Next time you are on the water, take this element into consideration.

Chris Busalacchi
Big Lake Gander Mountain Pro Staffer from Franklin, WI

Tyler Fall Softball League

The City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department is now registering teams for the 2006 Fall Adult Softball League.

The cost per team is $245. Teams consist of 10 to 20 members. The eight game season begins September 11. Leagues offered are Men’s Church, Co-Ed Church, Men’s Industrial, Men’s 50 and Over, Women’s Open, Men’s Open and Co-Ed Open.

The deadline to register is Wednesday, August 30.

For more information, call Van Jordan at 903-531-1377.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

East Texas School In Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is getting into the high school football world, releasing their first high school football preview this week. The preview includes a preseason top 25. Lufkin made the list at #7. Southlake Carroll is #5. Hoover out of Alabama is #1.

2007 Nextel Cup Season Released

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) _ Next year's Nextel Cup schedule looks a lot like this year's. NASCAR announced today there will be no changes to the ten races in the 2007 Chase for the Championship, with much of the season's schedule the same as the 2006 version. The 26th and final qualifying race will again be at Richmond International Raceway, and the Chase will begin September 16th at New Hampshire International Speedway. Then it's on to Dover, Kansas, Talladega and a stop at Lowe's Motor Speedway in suburban Charlotte. From there the Cup series will go to Martinsville, Atlanta, Texas and Phoenix, with the champion crowned at Homestead-Miami Speedway on November 18th. There had been speculation NASCAR would add a road course to the final ten events. The season begins with the exhibition Budweiser Shootout at Daytona on February tenth and the season-opening Daytona 500 will be February 18th.

Kincade Out?

The Cowboys have until September 2 to cut their roster to 53 players, but the likeliehood Troup native Keylon Kincade will be on that roster seems to be dwindling. Head coach Bill Parcells said today second-year running back Tyson Thompson will "be on kickoff return, I'll tell you that right now." With the Cowboys already set on Julius Jones and Marion Barber at running back, Thompson would become the third running back. The Cowboys aren't expected to carry more than that. His only shot may be as a special team "specialist."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big Day At Valley Ranch

A lot happening with the Cowboys today.

Wide receiver Terrell Owens today said he re-aggravated his left hamstring injury when he returned to practice last week. It could mean Owens will miss his third straight preseason game. Dallas hosts San Francisco on Saturday. Owens first felt a twinge in his hamstring August 2nd. An MRI done three days later was clear. Owens says another MRI this week was also negative. When asked if he could play if this was the regular season,
Owens said, quote: "I doubt it, not the way I need to play."

Also today, Bill Parcells said backup QB Drew Henson won't be on the Cowboys roster this season. Henson was considered the quarterback of the future when he signed three years ago. Coach Bill Parcells today said he just didn't see enough. Parcells says Henson has -NOT- been waived. But the coach wouldn't elaborate when asked if the Cowboys were trying to trade the quarterback, who started only one game for Dallas. For now, rookie free agent Matt Baker is the number three quarterback -- behind Drew Bledsoe and Tony Romo.

Linebacker Scott Shanle was traded to New Orleans today for an undisclosed draft choice.

Several players were released today. They are 2004 3rd-round pick Stephen Peterman, former TJC standout corner Quincy Butler, tight end Erik Jensen and linebacker John Saldi.

East Texan In NASCAR

Tyler native C.J. Fambrough is making a name for himself on the NASCAR circuit. He is a rear tire changer in the Joe Gibbs Racing organization, working primarily with 16-year-old future star Joey Logano on the USAR Hooters Pro Cup circuit. But tonight, he will be on the pit crew for #75 Aric Almirola in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Race at Bristol Motor Speedway on the Speed Channel at 7:30pm. Check him out! He is going to be on a Busch Series or Nextel Cup Series team here before too long.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Omen For The Red Raiders?

Robert E. Lee cancelled their football kickoff party tonight due to bad weather. REL Football Mom's Club co-chairman Debra Cuba, whose son Tekerrian is on the team, just informed me the last time a Lee kickoff party was canelled due to bad weather, the Red Raiders won the state championship! Maybe it's a sign, I don't know...

Cowboys Coleman suspended?

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Cowboys safety Marcus Coleman is facing a possible four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.

Timpson Coach Resigned

Word out of our sister station KTRE in Lufkin is Timpson head football coach Lucky Gamble has resigned for health reasons. More information is expected at Friday's school board meeting. Check out the article at KTRE.

Star Celebration For T.O.?

An interesting question is being tossed around right now. What will wide receiver Terrell Owens do to celebrate his first touchdown as a Dallas Cowboy at Texas Stadium? This Thursday, it will have been six years since Owens ran to the giant star at the center of Texas Stadium to celebrate two touchdowns while playing for the San Francisco 49er's. Ironically, the Cowboys are scheduled to play the 49er's this Saturday at Texas Stadium. If Owens were to score, will he make a beeline for the star? If so, how should Cowboys fans react? They put a bounty on his head last time. Is it OK to cheer this time, because now he's doing it as a Cowboy? I have a feeling the building would roar with approval. It all goes back to what former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin told me earlier this year. Back then, he was doing it AGAINST the Cowboys. Now, he will be doing it FOR for the Cowboys. I, for one, hope his hamstring lets him play Saturday.

Monday, August 21, 2006

East Texan Fairs Well In Shooting Competition

Remember B.J. Norris? He's the 17-year-old speed shooter from Tyler who is trying to one day win a world championship. He took part in the Steel Challenge this past weekend in Piru, California. The Steel Challenge is the world speed shooting championships. Well, B.J. didn't win a world title, but he came awfully close. Here's an e-mail I just received from his Dad:

We got back from CA late last night. BJ finished sixth, not what he was hoping for but overall he was pleased with his performance. He started the day off in the second super squad and shot the first two stages well enough to be moved into the squad with the top shooters after his third stage. He won Roundabout, the stage you filmed him shooting, only .2 second off of the World Record and then finished the match strong with a stage win and set a new World Record on Accelerator. In addition to his sixth place finish he was High Jr.
Thanks again for the positive coverage.
Tim Norris

Congratulations to B.J.! I know he wanted that world championship but come on, he's only 17! Look out next year.

Patriots Soccer Team Expected To Be Strong Again

They just keep winning and winning and winning... UT-Tyler's men's soccer team has established quite a program in it's short existence. They have been picked to win the American Southwest Conference Championship again.

How about this for the first four years of the program's existence:

2002: 13-5-2
2003: 19-1 (14-0 conference) USCAA National Champions
2004: 13-3 (10-3) Finished second in ASC season
2005: 14-4-1 (10-2-1) ASC Season Champions

Head coach Kenny Jones has done some amazing things with the program.

Lucy Continues To "Wow" At Dog Agility Events

I just received a phone call from Bill McFarlin, the trainer for Lucy the dog. He told me she wowed the crowd once again at her latest event. Bill and Lucy took part in the BARK dog agility show in Hattiesburg, Mississippi this past weekend. The show featured several top dogs, including a world class dog named Typhoon. Bill said Lucy beat Typhoon and the rest of the field by two seconds, twice!

Bill wears orange during competitions. He says he's noticed a fan club building at events for Lucy as people are starting to wear orange or fly orange banners. Lucy is creating quite a buzz with her athletic ability.

He feels pretty confident right now he and Lucy will receive a wild card berth to nationals this year. If not, then next year. He said, "this year, we're knocking on the door. Next year, we're going to kick it in!"

Friday, August 18, 2006

Holyfield's Image

It's funny. I'm watching the pre-fight festivities on Fox Sports Net for tonight's Evander Holyfield fight. They showed Holyfield highlights with a rap song playing in the background. It was slick, very well done. The problem is, Holyfield isn't a rap guy. He's old school 1970's. I spent the good part of three hours with Holyfield last Friday, watching him train, and yes, stepping into the ring with him briefly. He played the likes of Stevie Wonder, The Gap Band and Village People! Not quite wrap music.

He looked very good in his first fight in two years. He knocked out Jeremy Bates in the second round. Bates was able to sneak in a big round house that caught Holyfield off guard, but The Real Deal recovered nicely and pummelled Bates to end it in the second.

Holyfield is doing this on his own terms. He's out from underneath Don King. He's picking his own fights, he's training his own way, and he's taking his own path back to the top. Don't be surprised to see this old-school 70's funk music fan show the new-aged rap crowd a thing or to on his way to his unprecedented 5th heavyweight championship.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Steers Are Moving Up The Rankings

How big of an impact have new quarterback Allen Webb and new tight end Justin Carter made on the Texas College football team? Victory Sports Network, a website dedicated to NAIA athletics, ranked the Steers #16 in the country in early July, PRIOR to the two players arriving on campus. Today, NAIA unveiled it's official preseason football rankings, placing Texas College at #14. They've also garned the number one preseason ranking in the Central States Football League. Webb transferred to Tyler from Kansas State, while Carter, a Division II 2nd-team all-american, transferred from Angelo State.

You can see the Steers in action Saturday in a scrimmage game at 5:30pm at the Texas College soccer complex on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Clint Dempsey Suspended

Major League Soccer announced they have suspended New England Revolution midfielder, and Nacogdoches native Clint Dempsey for two games and fined him $1,000 for violent conduct in the Revolution's 0-0 tie versus the Kansas City Wizards on Wednesday, August 9. The play occurred in the 57th minute when Dempsey and Wizard's defender Jimmy Conrad jumped for a head ball in midfield and Dempsey's elbow struck Conrad in the face. Dempsey's suspension is scheduled to be served over the next two games. The Revolution face the Chicago Fire at home on Sunday and the Columbus Crew at home on Sunday, August 27.

Tyler Roller Hockey Wins National Championship

From August 11 - 13, Team Texas 1997 participated in the "STATE WARS" national tournament in Bensenville, IL, which is THE major roller hockey event that takes place every summer where teams from many states compete for the United States Roller Hockey Championship. The USRHC (United States Roller Hockey Commission) is a national roller hockey organization that was formed to act as the unbiased selection committee to choose the top roller hockey players in the United States. The USRHC held open state tryouts in Tyler, Texas April 8 & 9 and chose the best players in each age division to represent their home state at State Wars. In the playoffs, Team Texas 1997 beat Wisconsin (8 - 0), Michigan (7 - 5) and Arizona (7 - 6) to win the Championship.

Lidge Out?

Word out of Houston is that Brad Lidge has lost the closers role. Astros manager Phil Garner announced that he's going with a closer by committee. He plans to use any one of four pitchers. They are Dan Wheeler, Chad Qualls, Trever Miller and Brad Lidge. The announcement comes in the wake of Lidge giving up a game-tying home run to Matt Murton in the 9th inning of last night's 18-inning loss to Chicago.

He's Back!!!

Hallelujah! T.O. is back! Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens was back practicing today after missing 14 practices, including the scrimmage. No word yet on whether or not he'll play in the New Orleans game Monday night in Shreveport, but I have a sneaky feeling he's not going to miss a prime time appearance. You can get all the latest on camp at the Cowboys Website.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Days For Gorman?

I spent the afternoon at TK Gorman. They held their Media Day today. Interim head coach George Cumby seemed pleased with his team, saying he had three to four division one prospects. It should be interesting to see how the Crusaders progress under Cumby, who is a Gorman grad. He played collegiately at Oklahoma and in the pros with the Green Bay Packers. He's not the only former pro player on the Gorman staff. KLTV 7 NFL analyst Eric Williams is working with the defensive lineman. Williams played ten years in the NFL as a defensive lineman with the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins.

Someone To Root For

Ireland's Padraig Harrington just gave me a reason to root for him to win the PGA Championship. There's a good espn.com article on the subject. Harrington is a friend of fellow Irishman Darren Clarke, who dropped out of the tournament to attend his wife's funeral. Heather Clarke died of cancer on Sunday. Several of Clarke's friends on the tour, including Harrington, were planning to withdraw from the season's last major to attend the funeral as well, but Clarke urged them to go ahead and compete. Harrington says that any money he wins in the tournament will be donated to the charity of Clarke's choice. That's a noble gesture, especially when you consider the winner of the PGA Championship receives $1.2 million!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Babe Still The Greatest?

I got a fax from a viewer today, Allen Locklin of Tyler. He gave his best argument for why Babe Ruth should still be considered the home run king.

The 714 HR mark:
On his way to that milestone, Ruth hit a HR once every 11.75 times at bat and once every 3.5 games. Compartively, Hank Aaron's numbers were 15.81 at bats/4.153 games, while Barry Bonds numbers are 12.9 at bats/3.87 games.

Times At Bat:
Using these averages, and Ruth had batted as many times as Aaron (11,289) he would have hit 960 HR's. By the same yardstick, Bonds should hit 873 HR's when he reaches 11, 289 at bats.

Games Played:
Aaron played in 2,965 games on his way to 755 HR's.
Using the above averages for Ruth HR's every 3.5 games, he would have hit 847 HR's in 2,965 games. Bonds average of 3.87 games per HR should give him 765 HR's in 2,965 games.

More: Ruth started as a pitcher and had only a total of 20 HR's in his first five seasons. That is only 2.8% of his 714. Aaron, on the other hand had 140 HR's his first five seasons and that is 19.6% of his 714. Bonds slapped 117 HR's his first five and that is 16.4% of his 714.


Thanks Allen for the theory. The only hole I see in the argument is, no matter how you look at the statistics, it can't change the fact that Babe hit 714 home runs, while Hammerin' Hank hit 744. There's a lot to be said for consistency and longevity, which Aaron had.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Top East Texas Football Recruits

While the season hasn't even started yet, several East Texas high school football players are already receiving a lot of attention on the recruiting lists. Here's a look at a few of the top recruiting websites and their rankings.

Class of 2007
ESPN 150
#32 - Dez Bryant - WR - Lufkin
#45 - Lennen Creer - RB - Tatum
#56 - Ryan Mallett - QB - Texas High
#96 - Curtis Brown - WR - Gilmer
#123 - Michael Huey - OG - Kilgore

Rivals.com Top 100
#27 - Mallett
#32 - Huey
#36 - Brown
#38 - Creer

Sports Illustrated Top 10 By Position
Mallett - #2 QB
Creer - #8 RB
Brown - #7 WR

Schoolsports.com Top 100
#17 - Mallett
#50 - Brown
#56 - Creer

Scout.com Top 100
#17 - Mallett
#39 - Brown
#68 - Creer

Class of 2008
Sports Illustrated Top 10
#2 Justin Johnson - RB - Gilmer

Schoolsports.com Top 10
#2 - Johnson

Camp Quotes of the Week

Here are some of the more interesting comments collected during Week 2 of Cowboys training camp:

"I think quarterback is a very important position. ... I know usually you don't win in pro football unless you have one. Or college football. Or high school football. Or Pee Wee football." _
Parcells on whether too much emphasis is placed on QBs.

"That's because it's not an exact science." _ Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, talking about ... medical science.

"He hit what he was throwing at. Most of those quarterbacks aren't very good if they don't hit what they're throwing at. ... That's a big thing in playing the position." _ Parcells, evaluating Drew Henson's performance in a scrimmage.

"I got me a big bottle of Vicodin and said we'll talk about that later." _ Jones, on his decision not to have a root canal because a local dentist couldn't isolate the source of his pain. He compared his negative test results despite ongoing pain to Terrell Owens' clear MRI despite his hamstring still nagging him.

"I learned a long time ago from George Allen: Let the runners run, the throwers throw, the catchers catch, the kickers kick and the defenders defend." _ Parcells on why he's not considering using speedy CB Terence Newman at WR. Newman got on the field for an offensive snap or two last season.

Toe-To-Toe With Evander Holyfield

It's one of those experiences that you can put a check next to on your life experience list.

"Spar with a Heavyweight Champion".


I got the privilege of strapping on boxing gloves and getting into the same ring with 4-time Heavyweight Champion of the World Evander Holyfield. He is training at the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana for his August 19th comeback fight against Jeremy Bates in Dallas.

Let's just say, The "Real Deal" took it easy on the the "Big Red". He had several chances to knock me flat, but he sent his punches purposely wide of the my noggin. I am forever grateful for that!

Holyfield hasn't fought in nearly two years, but he says he's in the best shape of his life and ready to prove a lot of the sceptics wrong. He says he wants to go out on his terms.

I'll have more on the sparring session on the sportscast Monday night at 10pm. We'll make sure to stream it on the website as well.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

From Mudbugs To Islanders!

Kudos to Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs play-by-play broadcaster Steve Mears. He is leaving the team after serving as the Director of Media Relations and Broadcasting for the past four seasons. Get this, Mears has accepted a position to be the radio play-by-play broadcaster for the NHL's New York Islanders! Mears is scheduled to make his NHL broadcasting debut on October 5th when the Islanders visit the Phoenix Coyotes. The search for the Mudbugs' new play-by-play voice will begin immediately.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Props For Van Native At Florida State

2006 Van graduate Lauren Young got a mention in an article posted on the Florida State website about the Seminoles volleyball team this year. Young is a "highly touted newcomer" on the team, hoping to make a big impact as a freshman.

Pro Scout In East Texas

An Atlanta Braves scout spent the morning at Grace Community high school looking at current and former high school baseball players from across East Texas.

Fishing Tip: Top Water Baits

Here's another fishing tip from Gander Mountain Pro Staff member Mike Ebach:

Fishing Top Water baits can be one of the most exciting ways to catch bass. The only drawback is that you have a lot of missed strikes or blow-ups that you can't hook. One way to improve your hooking ratio on top water baits like a Pop-R is to add a suspend-dot weight to the very bottom tip of the bait. This will make the bait settle in a more up-right position, which gives the bass a better target point and usually a better hook-up for you.
Always practice Catch and Release with your bass.

Mike Ebach
Pro Staff Member and Store Manager of Traverse City, MI

Also, the Texas Parks & Wildlife has updated it's Fishing Report for this week.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lobo's On TV

The Longview Lobo's will have a televised football game for the second straight year. They beat Lee on Fox Sports Net last year. Fox Sports Net has decided to pick up the Lobo's matchup with Lufkin this year. As a result, that game is being moved to Thursday, October 5 at 7:30 at Abe Martin Stadium in Lufkin.

The Panthers will also play The Woodlands on ESPN on Thursday, October 26 at 6pm.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mudbugs Release 2006 Schedule

The Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs have released their schedule for the 2006-2007 season. It's the Mudbugs' 10th anniversary.

The Mudbugs will also host the 2007 Central Hockey League All-Star Game at the CenturyTel Center on January 17, 2007.

The 64-game schedule begins on Friday, October 20 in Oklahoma City. Their home opener is scheduled for Thursday, October 26.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Real Student Athletes

We've long known Jarvis Christian student athletes have been a cut above when it comes to academics. The women's basketball team consistently ranks as one of the best in the Red River Athletic Conference when it comes to grade point average. Now, the entire athletic department is being recognized.

Jarvis Christine College student athletes were recognized and honored for having the highest grade point average (GPA) in the Red River Athletic Conference. Institutions of the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC) are ranked based on the cumulative GPA of all student athletes competing in RRAC-sanctioned sports. At the end of the academic year (2005-2006), Jarvis Christian College’s student-athletes posted the best cumulative GPA among all RRAC schools and claimed the conference’s GPA award.

While not surprised, Athletic Director and Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Elissia Burwell, was nonetheless thrilled and happy to accept the award.

“This is a great honor for our student athletes and Jarvis Christian College," Burwell said. "It is a testament of their commitment and work off the field or court of play. I’m proud of our students and I know that they take pride in their academic accomplishments."

Jarvis ranked first among the fourteen schools who are members of the RRAC, which is an affiliated conference of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Conference members include: Bacone College (Okla.), Houston Baptist University (Texas), Huston-Tillotson College (Texas), Jarvis Christian College (Texas), Langston University (Okla.), Northwood University (Texas), Paul Quinn College (Texas), College of the Southwest (N.M), Southwestern Assemblies of God University (Texas), Texas College, Texas A&M International University, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Texas Wesleyan University, and Wiley College (Texas).

“Last year, we finished second in the running for the conference GPA award," Burwell added. "Our students have always been encouraged to not only excel in sports, but to also excel academically.”

The last time Jarvis Christian College won the GPA award was at the end of the 2000-2001 academic year.

The following listing of Jarvis student athletes were recognized by the RRAC for achieving a 3.0 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale: Ebony Bailey, Houston, TX; Roderick Braden, Natchitoches, LA; Jacoby Bobb, Beaumont, TX; Shamiah Bryson, Spencer, OK; Nathaniel Carter, Marietta, TX; Demarion Crite, Channelview, TX; Crystal Fisher, Crockett, TX; Skyla Gordon, Gladewater, TX; Terrance Harris, Beaumont, TX; Dawnette Jackson, Houston, TX; Tammy Jessie, Hawkins, TX; Trenton Johnson, Tyler, TX; Brandon Martin, Houston, TX; Dominique Mathis, Burton, TX; Isaiah McKibbin, Houston, TX; Ericka Medina, Columbia, South America; Hector Mercado, Ciales, Puerto Rico; Johnathan Pagan, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico; Jennifer Payne, Shelbyville, TX; Ruben Perez, Carolina, Puerto Rico; Clara Rayos, Pasadena, TX; Felix Rivera, Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Britni Robertson, Pasadena, TX; Tanisha Ruff, Dallas, TX; TaShea Scott, Lancaster, TX; Sheree Smiling, Tyler, TX; Lenard Taylor, Galena Park, TX; Axel Torres, Manati, Puerto Rico; and Sable Ward, Houston, TX.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Got Chocolate Milk?

I've always loved chocolate milk. I would rather drink chocolate milk than regular milk. Actually, I would rather drink chocolate milk than water. I know that's not practical, but it's the truth. Now, I have an excuse to drink chocolate milk. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism recently, says chocolate milk is an effective recovery aid after a strenuous workout. In fact, the study said drinking chocolate milk helped athletes perform nearly twice as well in subsequent workouts than a carbohydrate replacement drink, and just as effective as Gatorade. I love Gatorade, but not as much as I love chocolate milk! Now, I have an excuse to drink both of them. I'll drink Gatorade during the workout, to replenish the fluids and electrolytes I lose while working out, then drink chocolate milk after the workout to help my muscles recover. Now, all I have to do is start working out...

Billy Cundiff's Shoe Donated To His High School

Former Cowboys kicker Billy Cundiff has one shoe in the hall of fame, and another in his high school trophy case. The plant shoe he wore when he kicked a record-tying 7 field goals against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football back in 2003, has been donated to the high school where his playing career began. There's a good article in the Harlan Tribune about it.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Parcellisms: The Highlight Of Cowboys Camp

There are a lot of people excited about the Dallas Cowboys getting underway at training camp in Oxnard, California. Most of the focus has been on new wide receiver Terrell Owens. But, my favorite part of camp, year in and year out, is Bill Parcells' press conferences. Seriously.

Most coaches and players are busy refining their "coach speak." You know what I'm talking about. Here are some examples:

"We're taking it one game at at time, giving it 110%..."

"You have to play all four quarters..."

"We're firing on all cylinders..."

Parcells has his own form of coach speak. He talks in what we like to call, Parcellisms. They are statements not necessarily unique, but not usually associated with sports.

Here's what I'm talking about. This is from today's camp opening press conference.

On answering a question about all the talent this years squad has, and what he told his players:

"I told them, I don't care how may lemons you got, or what the quality of the lemons are. You still got to make the lemonade."

And, responding to questions about defensive back Keith Davis, claiming to be an innocent victim of a shooting, for the second time:

"My father used to have an expression for things like that, you know. He used to say, hey Parcells, it's never your fault but you're always there."

That's classic! Those are the kinds of answers I like to hear.

So, buckle the chin strap, because we've got our back against the wall, and it's do-or-die time. We're ready to give it all we've got. It's a team game and we're ready to play.

Eric Williams On NFL Training Camp

Check out KLTV NFL analyst Eric Williams' Full Contact article this week on NFL training camps. It's timely, as the Cowboys and the rest of the NFL open their camps this week.

Here's an excerpt:

I think the old Redskin offensive lineman, captain of the Hogs, Jeff Bostic, said it best to me as we lay there stretching on the first morning of training camp. "Eric, you know, right now, this will be the best we will feel for the next 6 months." I laid there in that summer heat, with sweat dripping off my brow, thinking, what a profound statement he made, especially since it came from an offensive lineman.

Eric played defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins in the 80's and 90's. He won a Super Bowl with the Redskins in 1992.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gander Mountain Tip: Blade Basics

Gander Mountain has a team of experts in hunting, fishing, camping, marine and outdoor life that are dying to share their knowledge with local folks. As a result, their "Pro Staff" has agreed to provide me with tips and tricks on various outdoor experiences throughout the year.

Here's a fishing tip from Joe Bucher on blade basics:

The raw shape and physics of a blade have everything to do with its performance. This is the key thing to learn and recognize about spinners in general. Here are a few general guidelines to follow when looking at various spinner blades. Big round blades make a bait run shallow. Smaller, thinner blades do just the opposite. This, in itself, will help you determine which spinner lure to choose for a specific task. The more you know about blade dynamics and spinner function, the better it will all serve you on the water. Once you know the true physical function of these various blades, it will make all these choices much easier. Essentially, large rounded blades produce a lot of "lift," resulting in a lure that quickly rises up towards the surface as retrieve speed is increased. The faster you retrieve a big bladed bucktail, the shallower it will run. Consequently, if you're fishing high weeds, typical by late summer (August & September), you can't go wrong with a big-bladed spinner.

Joe Bucher, Gander Mountain Pro Staff
From: "Fishing with Joe Bucher" on the Sportsman's Channel

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

East Texans To Play In All-Star Game-But Should They?

I've never understood why college football programs allow their recruits to play in all-star games. Yes, it's a great honor, but it's also a great way to get your top player hurt before he ever walks onto campus. I've heard the argument... Whether a kid blows a knee in an all-star game, or fall practice on campus, he was going to blow his knee anyway. But, how do you know if those coaches are truly looking out for your recruit, or training him the way you would have trained him?

All I have to say is Tony VanZant. Never heard of him? Exactly! VanZant was considered the savior for the University of Missouri football program. The running back from Hazelwood Central high school in St. Louis was named the Parade Magazine national player of the year in 1985 (Emmitt Smith earned the same honor the following year). He could have gone anywhere, but he decided to stay in state and play for new Tigers head coach Woody Widenhofer. The summer before his freshman year at Missouri, VanZant decided to play in an all-star game. He blew out his knee in that game and never made it to Columbia that year. He would eventually play for Missouri, but was never the same after the injury. He's now a high school coach in Michigan.

Kevin Simon of Concord (Calif.) De La Salle, a Tennessee recruit, blew his knee in the 2000 U.S. Army All-American Bowl. He was forced to redshirt at Tennessee that year, and struggled with ankle and knee injuries the rest of his career. His story is a little more promising than VanZant's, though. The Redskins took a chance and drafted him in the 7th round this year. We'll see how those knees hold up in the NFL. Ironically, several De La Salle players have declined all-star game invitations ever since the incident with Simon.

High School all-star football games should be honorary. If a game would be played, these players would be included. If I'm Mack Brown, I wouldn't let Longview's Vondrell McGee anywhere near the THSCA All-Star game next Tuesday, especially following the announcement that Ramonce Taylor is leaving school. Chances are he won't get hurt, but why take that chance?

East Texans scheduled to play in the THSCA All-Star game Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at UT Memorial Stadium at 7:30 PM:

North All-Stars

E. J. Shankle - WR - Lufkin (Texas A&M)
Vondrell McGee - RB - Longview (Texas)
Tyler Jones - LB - Emory Rains (SMU)
Jason Teague - DB - Carthage (LSU)
Kerry Maddox - DB - John Tyler (Washington St. )
Daylon McCoy - LB - Tatum (LA Lafeyette)
Dustin Earnest - LB - Texas High (Texas)

South All-Stars

Deroderick Strickland - QB/WR - Big Sandy (Reedley College)
Justin Smart - LB - Marshall (SMU)
Jessie Harrison - LB - Paul Pewitt (Arkansas Tech)
Jared Lindsey - DT - Alto (Houston)
Britt Mitchell - TE - Kilgore (Texas)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Top 10: Greatest QB's Of All Time

I realize this is a subjective list. No one can truly rank the best NFL quarterbacks based on pure statistics, otherwise we'd have to include the likes of Vinny Testaverde, Dave Krieg or Boomer Esiason. No offense to those guys, but there's more to being a great quarterback then just stats. You have to consider many factors, including leadership, performance under pressure, and of course, Super Bowls. Spencer, our sports producer, and I sat down to hash out our top 10 list. We first added the no-brainers to the list, then "nominated" a large group of potential candidates. We then considered stats, eras, wins and impact on the team and league. It wasn't easy, but here is what we came up with.

1. John Elway -- Elway was a no-brainer. He probably would have made the list even without his final two seasons, but adding two Super Bowl wins to his resume made him a shoo-in. The Denver Broncos legend leads the NFL All-time in wins, winning percentage, most Pro Bowl selections for a QB (9), most game winning or game-tying 4th quarter scoring drives (47), Super Bowl appearances as a starting QB (5), and most rushing touchdowns by a QB in the Super Bowl (4). Even when the Broncos were bad, he made them good. He could nearly single-handedly win ball games. And, when you can say "The Drive" and everyone automatically knows you're talking about Elway beating the Cleveland Browns in the 1987 AFC Championship game, you deserve to be here. I know there will be argument as to whether or not he's number one, but his sheer athleticism is scary. How soon we forget, Elway hit .318 with 4 home runs, 25 RBI and 13 stolen bases in 42 games for Oneonta of the New York-Penn League in '82, and would probably have been Lou Piniella's replacement in right for the New York Yankees! That sucker was going to be successful no matter what sport he played. (He played 16 years)

2. Joe Montana -- While Elway is known for "The Drive", Montana is known for being a part of "The Catch". As Cowboys fans are painfully aware, it was Montana who lofted that now famous six yard pass just out of the reach of Everson Walls to Dwight Clark in the back corner of the endzone with less than 90 seconds to play to help the San Francisco 49er's beat Dallas in the 1981 NFC Championship game. Nicknamed "Joe Cool", Montana is top 10 all-time in pass completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns. But, it was the postseason where Montana really made his mark. He holds post-season records for most career TD passes (45), and passing yards (5772). He holds Super Bowl records for highest career passing rating (127.8), most career completions (83 in 4 games), most consecutive completions in a game(13), most career yards gained (1,142), and most career TD passes (11). He was the winning QB in four Super Bowls, and is the only player to win the Super Bowl MVP three times. He's also the only quarterback to play in four Super Bowls without throwing an interception! (He played 15 years)

3. Dan Marino -- OK, there's no doubt the Miami Dolphins great deserves to be on this list, but some will argue this is too high, while others will say he's the greatest of all time. Here are the facts: He's the only quarterback on the list without a Super Bowl win. He took the Dolphins to the playoffs 10 of his 17 seasons, led them to three AFC Championship game and one Super Bowl, losing to Montana and the 49er's in Super Bowl XIX. But this is where statistics plays a huge role. Marino holds or held nearly every quarterback record in the game. Currently, his name sits atop 26 NFL records, including 61,361 career passing yards, a total that may never be caught. A Super Bowl win probably would have solidified him as the best ever. (He played 17 years)

4. Bart Starr -- I know I'm too young to truly grasp the impact the QB's of eras gone by had, but I'm a student of the game, and I know dominance when I see it. Starr was the best player on the best team of his era. He led the Green Bay Packers to six NFL Championship games, winning 5 of them. He also led the Packers to wins in the first two Super Bowls in 1966 and 1967 and was named the MVP of both of them. He made one of most famous plays in one of most famous games, again, Cowboys fans will well remember, the 1967 "Ice Bowl" in which Starr scored on a QB sneak to win it and send the packers to Super Bowl II. (He played 16 years)

5. Brett Favre -- Some will say this is too high for Favre. There are many QB's below him with more Super Bowl wins. But few if any QB's below him played such a large role in his team's success. Take Favre off the Green Bay Packers, and they don't win anything. I know that's a very subjective statement and probably not entirely accurate, but I see the type of talent he has/had around him and I'm amazed at what he's been able to accomplish. Favre led the Packers to three straight NFC Championships game, and two straight Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl XXXI and losing Super Bowl XXXII. The three-time NFL MVP holds 10 NFL records, including most consecutive starts by a QB, currently standing at 221 (241 if you include the playoffs). He's also second in five other records, including career passing yards (53,615) and career passing TD's (396, which is just 24 behind Marino). (He has played 15 years)

6. Johnny Unitas -- There are many old-timers out there who I know are ringing their fists at me, no doubt saying the Baltimore Colts legend should be higher on this list. He was one of the most dominant players of his era. He was the first QB to throw for 40,000 yards, at a time when QB's just didn't throw the ball that much. His career passing yards (40,239), and career passing TD's (290) still rank in the top 10 all-time, and his 47 consecutive games with a TD pass still stands. He's a three-time league MVP, and was on three NFL Championship teams, two Super Bowl teams and one Super Bowl winner. Notice I didn't say he "led" the Colts to those titles. That's why he's not higher on this list. He was hurt most of the 1968 season and only played in Super Bowl III as a last ditch effort to rally the Colts, who ended up losing to the Jets. And, in Super Bowl V, despite throwing a 75-yard TD pass, he wasn't around at the end of the game to see his team win. So in essence, he's only responsible for the back-to-back NFL Championships in '58 and '59. I know this is another one of those players who was before my time, but I just don't see him as a better QB then the five men in front of him. (He played 18 years)

7. Terry Bradshaw -- Some will say, the Pittsburgh Steelers QB is only on this list because of the Super Bowls. I will argue, that is exactly correct! His career numbers are nowhere near the top of the list in any category. Yet you can't deny his knack for winning. The 1978 NFL MVP led the Steelers to 8 AFC Central Division titles, 6 AFC Championship games, and 4 Super Bowl Championships, including two over the Cowboys. He was part of what is arguably the most famous play in NFL history, the "Immaculate Reception", in which Franco Harris plucked a deflected pass just inches from the ground and ran it in for the game-winning TD against the Oakland Raiders in 1972. I'm not going to hold his acting career against him. (He played 14 years)

8. Troy Aikman -- This is one of those players that could go either way. I can hear the argument, "the only reason he won was because he had the best supporting cast in football." That is correct, the Dallas Cowboys had one of the best teams in football. Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson assembled an all-star cast. But, you still have to perform when it counts. Aikman never won a league MVP, but he did win a Super Bowl MVP. And the fact he led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl wins in four years secures him a spot on this list. He was an efficient and accurate quarterback who could keep his cool and win ball games. He holds the Super Bowl record for highest career completion percentage (70%). Sadly, concussions forced Aikman to retire after just 12 seasons. It makes you wonder how much more he could have accomplished. (He played 12 years)

9. Tom Brady -- Some say Brady is too young to be on a list like this. I say hogwash! Look at what he has accomplished in six years with the New England Patriots! When you win three Super Bowls in four years, you deserve to make the list. He holds the Super Bowl record for most passes completed in a game (32). He also has two Super Bowl MVP awards. Brady reminds me a lot of Aikman. He has a coolness under pressure, he's accurate and he wins. (He has played 6 years)

10. Roger Staubach -- Led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history, while being named MVP of Super Bowl VI. In all, he led the Cowboys to four Super Bowls, winning two of them(Staubach was a backup to Craig Morton for Super Bowl V). "Captain Comeback" as he was nicknamed, had a knack for fourth quarter heroics, leading the Cowboys to 23 come-from-behind fourth quarter wins. Like Aikman, you wonder what he would have been able to accomplish with a longer career. Staubach only played 11 seasons, because, as a member of the United States Naval Academy, he served five years in the Navy following his graduation from college. He was 27 when he started playing for the Cowboys! (He played 11 years)

I can hear the screaming already. How is Fran Tarkenton not on this list? What about Steve Young, or Sony Jurgenson, or Bob Griese, or Warren Moon, or Jim Kelly or Y.A. Tittle? They are all great quarterbacks who received serious consideration. In fact, Spence and I found it very hard not to include Tarkenton. The 1975 league MVP held nearly every passing record at the time of his retirement. But, he never won the big game, losing in the Super Bowl three times. If Young would have been the starter longer in San Francisco, his numbers may have been astronomical. But, Joe Montana (he was Montana's backup for 5 years!) and a concussion (ended his career) put a damper on that. When you include all of Moon's stats from the Canadian Football League and NFL, his numbers are better than anyone who has ever played the game. But, the CFL is considered lesser talent, and he never played in a Super Bowl, much less won one. Again, assembling this list did not entail the use of rocket science, but it was sure fun doing it.