Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gander Mountain Tip: Blade Basics

Gander Mountain has a team of experts in hunting, fishing, camping, marine and outdoor life that are dying to share their knowledge with local folks. As a result, their "Pro Staff" has agreed to provide me with tips and tricks on various outdoor experiences throughout the year.

Here's a fishing tip from Joe Bucher on blade basics:

The raw shape and physics of a blade have everything to do with its performance. This is the key thing to learn and recognize about spinners in general. Here are a few general guidelines to follow when looking at various spinner blades. Big round blades make a bait run shallow. Smaller, thinner blades do just the opposite. This, in itself, will help you determine which spinner lure to choose for a specific task. The more you know about blade dynamics and spinner function, the better it will all serve you on the water. Once you know the true physical function of these various blades, it will make all these choices much easier. Essentially, large rounded blades produce a lot of "lift," resulting in a lure that quickly rises up towards the surface as retrieve speed is increased. The faster you retrieve a big bladed bucktail, the shallower it will run. Consequently, if you're fishing high weeds, typical by late summer (August & September), you can't go wrong with a big-bladed spinner.

Joe Bucher, Gander Mountain Pro Staff
From: "Fishing with Joe Bucher" on the Sportsman's Channel

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