Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fishing Tip: Back Bay Bass

Here is another fishing tip from Gander Mountain Pro Staff member Jake Dammarell:

As summer slips away and the nights begin to chill the water temperatures, bass start their migration back to the shallow waters of backwater bays and skinny shorelines. At this time of year, bass can be found in shallow water chasing shad that have migrated to the backs of these creek arms. The shallow movement is no secret, but catching them can be hard at times. Keep in mind that the bass will be traveling in schools and trapping baitfish either against the shoreline or a perhaps a shallow water break, such as a sandbar. Remember that these fish are highly motivated and are likely to travel large distances in a short time, so keep your eye on the electronics for baitfish. As soon as you see those arches, the bass are not too far behind.

Jake Dammarell
Gander Mountain Pro Staff
Merrillville, IN

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