Monday, August 14, 2006

The Babe Still The Greatest?

I got a fax from a viewer today, Allen Locklin of Tyler. He gave his best argument for why Babe Ruth should still be considered the home run king.

The 714 HR mark:
On his way to that milestone, Ruth hit a HR once every 11.75 times at bat and once every 3.5 games. Compartively, Hank Aaron's numbers were 15.81 at bats/4.153 games, while Barry Bonds numbers are 12.9 at bats/3.87 games.

Times At Bat:
Using these averages, and Ruth had batted as many times as Aaron (11,289) he would have hit 960 HR's. By the same yardstick, Bonds should hit 873 HR's when he reaches 11, 289 at bats.

Games Played:
Aaron played in 2,965 games on his way to 755 HR's.
Using the above averages for Ruth HR's every 3.5 games, he would have hit 847 HR's in 2,965 games. Bonds average of 3.87 games per HR should give him 765 HR's in 2,965 games.

More: Ruth started as a pitcher and had only a total of 20 HR's in his first five seasons. That is only 2.8% of his 714. Aaron, on the other hand had 140 HR's his first five seasons and that is 19.6% of his 714. Bonds slapped 117 HR's his first five and that is 16.4% of his 714.


Thanks Allen for the theory. The only hole I see in the argument is, no matter how you look at the statistics, it can't change the fact that Babe hit 714 home runs, while Hammerin' Hank hit 744. There's a lot to be said for consistency and longevity, which Aaron had.

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