Friday, August 11, 2006

Camp Quotes of the Week

Here are some of the more interesting comments collected during Week 2 of Cowboys training camp:

"I think quarterback is a very important position. ... I know usually you don't win in pro football unless you have one. Or college football. Or high school football. Or Pee Wee football." _
Parcells on whether too much emphasis is placed on QBs.

"That's because it's not an exact science." _ Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, talking about ... medical science.

"He hit what he was throwing at. Most of those quarterbacks aren't very good if they don't hit what they're throwing at. ... That's a big thing in playing the position." _ Parcells, evaluating Drew Henson's performance in a scrimmage.

"I got me a big bottle of Vicodin and said we'll talk about that later." _ Jones, on his decision not to have a root canal because a local dentist couldn't isolate the source of his pain. He compared his negative test results despite ongoing pain to Terrell Owens' clear MRI despite his hamstring still nagging him.

"I learned a long time ago from George Allen: Let the runners run, the throwers throw, the catchers catch, the kickers kick and the defenders defend." _ Parcells on why he's not considering using speedy CB Terence Newman at WR. Newman got on the field for an offensive snap or two last season.

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