Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hoss Is Headed To St. Louis

Our resident long drive studs, Matthew "Hoss" Vilade of Hide-a-way Lake and Cody Ellis of Bullard are headed to St. Louis for this weekend's Re/Max St. Louis Long Drive Classic at Gateway National Golf Links near downtown St. Louis. They are members of the Long Drivers of America Tour.

I talked to Vilade today as he was preparing to leave. Now fully recovered from the pneumonia that hampered his performance at the Texas Shootout, Hoss is raring and ready to show everybody what he is capable of. Remember, Vilade hit a monster 473 yard drive at an event earlier this year in Mesquite, Nevada. He is capable of doing some big things.

Hoss tees it up in Round 1 at 9am Sunday morning. Ellis takes his first shot at 10:30am. We'll keep an eye on their progress.

ETBU To Host Softball Camp July 23-25

I got this from ETBU today:

MARSHALL, Texas – East Texas Baptist University will host the 2007 Lady Tiger Softball Camp July 23-25 at Taylor Field.
The camp will be hosted by ETBU head coach Janae Schlabs and assistant coach Jennifer Bryant, along with assistant coach and National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Famer Bill Galloway. The camp will run each day from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. for all girls ages 10-18.
The camp will cover the basic skills and drills of hitting, pitching, infield play, outfield play, base running and game situations. All campers will need to bring their own glove, bat if it is available, and indoor and outdoor shoes.
Cost of the camp is $65 through July 19; cost will be $70 if received after July 19.
For more information or to pick up a registration form, contact Jennifer Bryant at (512) 618-1982 or Linda McClain at (903) 923-2228.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another NASCAR Update

Grace Community high school grad C.J. Fambrough added another knotch to his growing NASCAR accomplishment belt. Each week Checkers restaurants gives a bonus to one Busch Series, one Craftsman Truck Series, and one Nextel Cup pit crew for the least amount of time on pit road during the race pit stops. This past weekend at Kentucky, C.J.'s #18 Busch Series crew won the Checkers/Rally's Double Drive-Thru Challenge. They had two 13 second pit stops and one 14 second pit stop. The team received $11,000 for the win. At the end of the 36-race schedule, the pit crew with the most wins gets $111,150!

Friday, June 15, 2007

A $30 car? If You Are A Pro Golfer

When a professional athlete like Shaquille O'Neal or Alex Rodriguez is fined for whatever reason, I've found myself saying, 'oh that's just pocket change for them.' As it turns out, I was right. has a Celebrity Golf Calculator, which weighs the relative costs of popular items for pro golfers. I wish I could buy a car for thirty bucks!

Check out these examples:

$2,000 Laptop: For Phil Mickelson, a top-of-the-line laptop would seem to cost him just $1.36, considering his estimated $44 million dollar earnings in 2006.

$275,000 House: This estimated home price for the "swashbuckling" Sergio Garcia's nearly $16 million take-home pay, would seem to "cost" just $519.43.

$20,000 Car: The relative "cost" of a car for 17-year-old new driver Michelle Wie is a meager $29.65, who raked in an estimated $20 million last year.

$100 Hotel room: A $100 hotel room for Golfer John Daly would calculate to just 35 cents when you compare his $8 million earnings to the salary of the average Joe.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Junior Is So Wrong Yet So Right For Hendrick Motorsports

I couldn't help but get chills thinking of the possiblities next year's Nextel Cup season will bring with Dale Earnhardt Jr. driving for Hendrick Motorsports. Long considered one of the top drivers on the circuit, Junior will now have the resources to prove it. It's scary to think what he could do with the toys Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson have been playing with.

Yet, there lies the paradox...

Let me take you back to my first experience at a NASCAR race. It was the Winston 500 in 1999 at Talladega Superspeedway. I was a novice to the sport, knowing just enough to know who the drivers were, but little about fan support. Jeff Gordon was riding a two-race winning streak, and dominating that day. He would lead more laps than any driver that day. I was on pit row, so I couldn't see the whole track, but at one point, I noticed nearly all of the 200,000 fans stand up and starting cheering. I could actually hear the cheering over the noise of the cars and with head phones on! I naively thought they were excited for Gordon. But what they were all cheering about was Dale Earnhardt had just passed Gordon and would go on to win the race.

A year later, I was in the pits at Texas Motor Speedway when the crowd did nearly the exact same thing. They all stood up in unison and went crazy. This time it was for Dale Earnhardt Jr., who took the lead and would go on to win his first Nextel Cup (Winston Cup then) race.

Jeff Gordon is the anti-Earnhardt. They are opposites. Their fans don't like each other or their racers. So to have them team up is like Al Gore joining forces with George Bush. It's like Lucy allowing Charlie Brown to actually kick the ball. It's crazy!

I don't know how many races Junior will win at Hendrick Motorsports. I don't know how many Gordon and Johnson will let him win. Do you really think Gordon will bump draft Junior to a victory? Heck no! He's going to hang him to dry and go for the win. I would expect nothing less. That's why this is going to be so much fun.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Better Odds Phillips Is Fired Than Wins Super Bowl

I don't advocate betting on sports, but I thought this was kind of interesting. An online betting company has released odds on the Cowboys and Texans winning the Super Bowl, in relation to the odds of other random events happening. Enjoy for entertainment purposed only:

Analysts at answered the question of what’s more likely, the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans winning the Super Bowl or…. With the following odds.

Dallas Cowboys (NFC):
Win Super Bowl - 18/1
Romo is the League MVP - 25/1
Parcells comes back to the Cowboy organization - 40/1
Win a playoff game because of a botched snap by the other team - 20/1
T.O. gets traded - 2/1
T.O. drops more passes than last year - 50/1
You forget the Alamo - 1,000,000/1
Dallas becomes the live music capitol of the world opposed to Austin - 1,000/1
United States 24 hour rainfall record of 43 inches, will be shattered - 50/1
A revamped version of the popular television show “Dallas” airs - 150/1
Wade Phillips will be fired as Cowboys head coach - 15/1
You get a speeding ticket - 3/1
You win the lottery - 1,000,000/1
You walk under a ladder - 5/1
You order a pizza this year - 1/1,000
You run out of hot water mid shower - 100/1
Lose your cell phone - 50/1
You see pigs fly - 1,000,000,000/1
Hell freezes over - 1,000,000,000,000/1
You throw out your back - 1,000/1
You get a flat tire - 2/1
A bird will poop on you - 50/1
You will find money - 25/1
You will slip on banana peel - 150/1

Houston Texans (AFC):
Win Super Bowl - 90/1
Have to rename Reliant Stadium because of Corp Fraud - 100/1
Snows during a game - 310/1
Texans have a above .500 season - 4/1
Defeat the Colts twice - 10/1
Texans Re-sign David Carr - 50/1
Trade Mario Williams for Reggie Bush. - 500/1
Houston has post-season hat trick (Astros, Rockets and Texans win it all ) - 10,000/1
Officially loses the “Fattest City in America” title - 10/1
Adds a second star to the Texas Flag - 10,000,000/1
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is picketed by animal activists - 1/100
Gary Kubiak is fired as Texans head coach - 5/1
You get a speeding ticket - 3/1
You win the lottery - 1,000,000/1
You walk under a ladder - 5/1
You order a pizza this year - 1/1,000
You run out of hot water mid shower - 100/1
Lose your cell phone - 50/1
You see pigs fly - 1,000,000,000/1
Hell freezes over - 1,000,000,000,000/1
You throw out your back - 1,000/1
You get a flat tire - 2/1
A bird will poop on you - 50/1
You will find money - 25/1
You will slip on banana peel - 150/1

Additional sports and entertainment odds can be found at:

Monday, June 04, 2007

Upcoming Rangers Promotions

If you are looking for excuses to go to a Rangers game, other than just to watch baseball, the team sent me a few of their upcoming promotions:

vs. Milwaukee - June 8th - 7:35pm
FSN Southwest Cap Night - First 20,000 fans

vs. Milwaukee - June 9th - 7:35pm
POWERade Equipment Bag - First 7,000 fans 13 & Under

vs. Houston - June 22nd - 7:35pm
Texas Legend Themed Fireworks Show - All Fans

Patriot Golfers Pick Up Honors

This is from a UT Tyler sports information department release today:

The University of Texas at Tyler men’s golf team picked up another major honor, as Dean Rodgers and Coy Beck were both named to the prestigious Division III PING All-Region team, as announced by the Golf Coaches Association of America. The two Patriots on the West All-Region team equaled the total number of American Southwest Conference players from other schools combined.