Monday, December 04, 2006

Gander Mountain Hunting Tip: Move S-L-O-W

Gander Mountain has been nice enough to share some hunting and fishing tips to help you get the most out of your experiences in the outdoors. This weeks tip comes from Pro Staff Member Craig Boddington:

The most fundamental mistake most of us make in the deer woods is not watching the wind. The second most serious mistake lies in moving too fast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hunting from a stand or still-hunting, pussyfooting slowly through good cover. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re in head-to-toe camouflage or blaze orange (although camouflage, where legal, always helps!). If a whitetail gets your wind he’s gone, but if the wind is in your favor the next most likely thing to spook him is movement. Sudden movement is the kiss of death, but sometimes you can get by with slow, steady movement. Just because you can’t see a deer doesn’t mean there isn’t one nearby, so concentrate on keeping all movements slow and steady, all the while looking around—moving only your eyes as much as possible, and keeping head movements slow. If you see a deer (or think you do) and you can see his head, then he can see you. Freeze. Do not bring up your binoculars or your gun or bow until the head is completely hidden, and then move slowly and deliberately. Sometimes you have no choice but to go for it, but don’t let a deer startle you into rapid movement. As long as he’s stationary or moving slowly, take your time. The best way to turn an easy shot into a lost opportunity is to bring your gun or bow up too fast.

Craig Boddington
TV Host of Tracks Across Africa & Guns and Ammo
Elite Gander Mountain Pro Staff Member

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