Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Star Celebration For T.O.?

An interesting question is being tossed around right now. What will wide receiver Terrell Owens do to celebrate his first touchdown as a Dallas Cowboy at Texas Stadium? This Thursday, it will have been six years since Owens ran to the giant star at the center of Texas Stadium to celebrate two touchdowns while playing for the San Francisco 49er's. Ironically, the Cowboys are scheduled to play the 49er's this Saturday at Texas Stadium. If Owens were to score, will he make a beeline for the star? If so, how should Cowboys fans react? They put a bounty on his head last time. Is it OK to cheer this time, because now he's doing it as a Cowboy? I have a feeling the building would roar with approval. It all goes back to what former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin told me earlier this year. Back then, he was doing it AGAINST the Cowboys. Now, he will be doing it FOR for the Cowboys. I, for one, hope his hamstring lets him play Saturday.

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