Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gander Mountain Hunting Tip: Deer Hunting

Gander Mountain has been nice enough to periodically pass along some hunting and fishing tips. With deer season set to begin, here is a good set of tips from Elite Pro Staff Member Ray Howell:

Quick Tips for Deer Hunting
· Always keep the wind in your favor (work into or quarter into it). If at all possible, use scent-blocking clothing and scent killer odor sprays. They will eliminated human odors or keep them very low.
· Your bow or firearms should be covered with a camo cloth tape or have a dull finish to prevent any f reflection from the sun. When using your bow, sound-dampening equipment should be incorporated into your hunting system so that when you make the shot, the animal will not hear it coming.
· Use a scentless face camo to help keep the shine of your face concealed.
· While stalking your prey, do not be in a hurry. Wait for your prey to make the mistakes, and then capitalize on them. A lot of times, you can get too anxious to get the shot and actually "blow" an opportunity very easily.
· Use the landscape to your benefit and never silhouette yourself.
· Use a powder device to constantly check the wind direction.
· And always remember that one set of eyes is a lot easier to stalk up on than several sets.

Ray Howell
Gander Mountain Elite Pro Staff Member and
Founder of Kicking Bear Youth Program

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