Friday, December 15, 2006

NFL's Plan To Rule The World Is Succeeding

About 60% of East Texas is in a panic this week as they scramble to find somewhere to watch Saturday night's Cowboys game against the Atlanta Falcons. The game is being carried on the NFL Network, which can only be seen by Dish and DirecTV customers. That means, anyone with cable or with an antennae, will be out of luck. Cowboys fans are attacking the cable companies for not carrying the NFL Network. They are trying to declare this a national emergency to get them to carry the game.

NFL, I applaud you.

Before the season it sounded innocent enough. A mere eight games would be carried by the NFL Network, which is owned by the NFL owners. But take a closer look at those eight games, and you will see that every region of the country is represented, from Seattle, to Dallas, to Green Bay, to Atlanta, to New York. At least once this season, somewhere in the country, this desperate plea to the cable companies is happening. The NFL owners are successfully rallying football fans into demanding the NFL Network, and blaming the cable companies for it's absence. Somehow, the $100 million ransom the NFL Network is asking the cable companies for is being lost in the riot.

Ultimately, the cable companies are going to cave, or lose another giant wave of customers to the satellite companies (they lost me years ago). In fact, the NFL is ENCOURAGING football fans to threaten their cable companies with a mass exodus. They are providing toll free numbers on their website to do just that! (1-866-NFL-NETWORK) All that means is more exposure, more control over the product and yes, a lot more money for the NFL owners.

So again. NFL, I applaud you.

Your plan to rule the world is moving full steam ahead...

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