Monday, September 18, 2006

Bad Calls, Worse Reaction

No one likes to see bad calls in a football game, especially bad calls that could have an affect on the outcome of a game, but University of Oklahoma President David Boren may be taking the Sooners loss a little too seriously.

He is now getting involved in the controversy over two controversial calls near the end of Saturday's OU - Oregon game. The calls on an on-side kick and a pass interference call both
went against Oklahoma even though replays indicated the calls could've gone against Oregon.

Boren is sending a letter to Big 12 Conference commissioner Kevin Weiberg in which Boren says the - quote - "lapse of accurate officiating" is - quote - "an outrageous injustice." Boren wants Weiberg to take several steps including asking for an apology from the Pac 10 for what Boren calls "gross errors in officiating" and to ask that the game not be recorded as a win or a loss by either team.

He also wants the officials who reviewed the plays suspended for the rest of the season; that the Big 12 ask the Pac 10 to change its rule calling for only Pac 10 officials at non-conference home
games; and for the Big 12 to call for a discussion of how the replay review process should be implemented.

O-U athletic director Joe Castiglione has already asked for a review of the officiating and Pac 10 Commissioner Tim Hansen says the results of that review will be announced tomorrow.

You wonder if Boren would be so involved if Oregon would have missed it's game winning field goal. It sounds to me like he has a little Sore-Loser Syndrome!

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