Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hunting Tip: Long Range Shooting

Gander Mountain is nice enough to provide us with periodic hunting and fishing tips. This week, Elite Pro Staff member Craig Boddington gives us a long range shooting tip:

Modern centerfire rifles have accuracy and range far beyond the capabilities of most hunters, and inexpensive laser rangefinders now eliminate that variable. The two remaining problems for shooting at longer ranges are wind and stability. You can’t do much about wind; if it’s windy and the distance is considerable you have a very risky shot that you should consider carefully-and probably pass. But you can do plenty about getting steady. Many hunters carry bipods and shooting sticks; others prefer to rest over a daypack. Whatever method you prefer, practice extensively on the range. Get away from the bench and learn how to get steady in field positions fast-and then you’ll have more time to evaluate the shot and make sure of your hold.
Craig Boddington
Elite Pro Staff Member
Host of Gun's and Ammo & SureFire's Tracks Across Africa

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