Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hunting Tip: Whitetail Deer Hunting - Carry A Grunt Tube!

Gander Mountain has been kind enough to provide us periodic hunting and fishing tips from their pro staff members. This weeks tip talks about a specific form of game calling:

Grunting up whitetails doesn’t work all the time, any more than any other form of game calling. But while you’re sitting on your stand, an occasional series on a grunt tube does no harm, and unlike rattling, it may pull in a buck at any time of the season, whether the rut is on or not. A second and perhaps more important use for a grunt call is to stop a passing buck in order to get a stationary shot. Even bucks that are actively chasing does are likely to pause momentarily when you give a soft grunt.
Craig Boddington
Elite Pro Staff Member, Author and TV Host of SureFire's Tracks Across Africa

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