Friday, August 25, 2006

Fishing Tip: Lure Colors

Here's another fishing tip from Gander Mountain. Chris Busalacchi talks about lure colors:

Lure color and light conditions go hand-in-hand. Time of day, water clarity, weather, i.e. clouds, fog, sun, etc. and waves, all have an affect on how your baits appear at depth. Glow, white, green, and blue are good during low -light periods. Yellow, red, orange, purple, and black shine when the sun is high. Depth also has a huge impact on these colors. Your bright colors loose their effectiveness below about 50’ due to lack of light penetration. Below 50’, glow, white, green, blue, and purple are predominant colors. Next time you are on the water, take this element into consideration.

Chris Busalacchi
Big Lake Gander Mountain Pro Staffer from Franklin, WI

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