Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ETBU Finds Perfect Fit

With the hiring of Mark Sartain, East Texas Baptist University found the perfect man for the job. He may not be the ONLY perfect man for the job, but then again, that depends on if you believe there is only ONE person for each of us. Of course, that's a different article all together.

Each coaching job requires a unique personality. In other words, what may be right for Brownsboro, may not be right for Tatum, which may not be right for Robert E. Lee, which may not be right for All Saints, etc.

Sartain's style worked at Trinity Valley, but it has the potential to thrive at ETBU. There are certain beliefs that cater to a certain type of situation. ETBU's emphasis on four years of personal, educational and spiritual development, embody what Sartain strives to instill in his programs. When you only have two years with the kids in a junior college setting, and the players goals are to "get in and get out", there is only so much of that you can do. That's not a knock against junior colleges. There are countless examples of students and athletes that would be lost without that unique opportunity. Maybe it's more about the spiritual message a coach like Sartain can only instill within an extended time span.

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