Monday, February 12, 2007

Mavs Man At TJC!

Anyone who hasn't been to a Dallas Mavericks game, or had the privilege of seeing the Mavs Man at a local event, needs to head out to TJC Wednesday night. This guy is extremely entertaining. He does high flying dunks off trampolines, he puts on the inflatable Mavs Man outfit for a routine, he mingles with the crowd. It's good ole fashioned family entertainment. The Mavs Man will be performing at halftime of both the women's and men's games Wednesday night, so you get to see some exciting college basketball action as well!

Angelina @ TJC Women - 5:30pm
Angelina @ TJC Men - 7:30pm

It's a big doubleheader for the Apaches. The men are tied with Angelina for 5th place in the conference standings at 7-8. They need a win to avoid potentially falling out of the playoff picture. The Apache Ladies are one game behind Trinity Valley and Panola in the standings for first place. A big crowd will go a long way to help cheer them to victory.

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