Friday, June 30, 2006

Holyfield: Let Him Fight

He's too old. He's only going to get hurt. Trying to make a comeback in his 40's is an embarrassment to boxing and himself.

Does anyone remember hearing those statements said about Marshall native George Foreman back in the 1990's, BEFORE he captured the world heavyweight title?

So, if we were so wrong then, why can't we give Evander Holyfield the benefit of the doubt now? Holyfield has announced he plans to make a comeback to boxing at the age of 43. Foreman was 42. Here's a couple of reasons why I think this could be successful. His contract with promoter Don King just ran out, which means he's free of his influences. Holyfield has also given his shoulders proper time to heal. He has had several surgeries over the years and always seemed to rush back before they were ready.

Quick, name three active boxers vying for the heavyweight title? Heck, name one! You can't. That's why boxing needs Holyfield back and needs him winning. He can do as much for the sport now as Foreman did 10 years ago.

His comeback begins August 18 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas against journeyman Jeremy Bates.

He doesn't need the money. Holyfield wants to see if he can become the first person in history to win the heavyweight title five times. Here's one fan who hopes he does it.

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