Monday, June 12, 2006

East Texas Is King In Dave Campbell's Texas Football

It's one of the most anticipated magazines every year. I'm talking about Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. It features coverage of 1,300 high schools from across the state of Texas. And, of the five athletes featured on the cover, three of them are from East Texas. The most obvious East Texan on the cover is the Tyler Rose himself, Earl Campbell. What is surprising, is that this is the first time Campbell has EVER been featured on the cover! Also on the cover are four blue chip quarterbacks, including Texas High's Ryan Mallett and Gilmer's G.J. Kinne.

There are 22 East Texas teams in the five, Top-25 classification rankings. Four of the five number one ranked teams are from East Texas. Lufkin is number one in 5A, Texas High is number one in 4A, Gilmer is number one in 3A (Liberty-Eylau is #3), Tatum is number one in 2A (Jefferson is #2), and Alto is number two in 1A.

The magazine hits newstands around the state on Tuesday, June 13.

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