Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Six Degrees of Pete Rose

KLTV 7 weatherman Morgan Palmer, who is a huge baseball fan, sent me this e-mail today:

I was driving out of town listening to Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble's afternoon show today on the XM baseball channel, Home Plate, and they had Pete Rose on for about half an hour about Bonds and other stuff.

Rose said the wife of the man who caught Bonds' 715th actually worked for Rose for quite a while at his sports bar or restaurant (can't remember which) in Florida. He called her by name and said she had called asking what Pete thought of what they should do with the ball. He said he told her "Sit on it. SIT on it!"

It's so ironic because Bonds had said that Rose should remain banned from the Hall.

I had been waiting to find this on news wires but can't. But I heard it, so there.

Fascinating irony.

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