Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Free Summer Youth Tennis Programs

I always laugh when I hear people say tennis is for rich people. The image of "Biff" and "Buffy" with cardigan sweaters draped over their shoulders, toting around tennis rackets is such hilarity!

OK, I'll give you golf as a country club sport (although there are free golf programs out there), but it takes ZERO money to play tennis. I'm assuming you already own tennis shoes. Almost every East Texas community has free, public tennis courts. The only possible expenses would be a racket (as cheap as $15), and balls (as cheap as $2). But, many area communities offer free summer tennis programs in which rackets and balls are provided.

The Longview Tennis Association is offering free tennis lesson camps at four locations throughout the area:

White Oak High School (June 12-16)
Kilgore High School (June 19-23)
The Third Street tennis courts in Longviw (June 26-30)
Longview High School (July 10-14).

There will be lessons for players of all skill levels, from 9am to noon each day. For more information, call (903) 663-2101.

Tyler is offering a similar free youth tennis program from June 5 through July 21 at five different sites throughout the city.

Monday: Pollard Park
Tuesday: Bergfeld Park
Wednesday: Fun Forest Park
Thursday: John Tyler High School
Friday: Faulkner Park

Times: 9am-10am, 6-8 years old, 10am-11am, 9-11 years old, and 11am-noon, 12-16 years old.

Tennis is one of those sports that can be played at any skill level and at any age. There are 80 year-old women out there who can play circles around me, but then again, that's not saying much!

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