Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rude Drivers And NASCAR: Hand-In-Hand

AutoVantage's "In the Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey" surveyed residents in the 25 biggest cities in the country and ranked them in order from those reporting the most incidents of road rage to the fewest. The top 10 cities, coincidentally or not, have a NASCAR track within 100 miles of them.
City Track
1. Miami - Homestead-Miami Speedway
2. New York - Pocono Raceway
3. Boston - New Hampshire International Speedway
4. Los Angeles - California Speedway
5. Washington D.C. - Dover International Speedway & Richmond International Speedway
6. Phoenix - Phoenix International Speedway
7. Chicago - Chicagoland Speedway
8. Sacramento - Infineon Raceway
9. Philadelphia - Dovor International Speedway & Pocono Raceway
10.San Francisco - Infineon Raceway

18 of the 25 have a track within 100 miles. Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh have a track within 170 miles. Houston and Minneapolis-St. Paul are the only two in the top 15 without a track, although Houston has a Champ Car Race.

There are several ways you can look at this. First of all, they are among the largest concentrations of people, so of course they are going to have the most incidents of road rage. However, Miami (16), Phoenix (13) and Sacramento(20) are top 10 road rage but not top 10 population. Yet, all three of those towns have a raceway close by.

Food for thought...

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