Friday, June 15, 2007

A $30 car? If You Are A Pro Golfer

When a professional athlete like Shaquille O'Neal or Alex Rodriguez is fined for whatever reason, I've found myself saying, 'oh that's just pocket change for them.' As it turns out, I was right. has a Celebrity Golf Calculator, which weighs the relative costs of popular items for pro golfers. I wish I could buy a car for thirty bucks!

Check out these examples:

$2,000 Laptop: For Phil Mickelson, a top-of-the-line laptop would seem to cost him just $1.36, considering his estimated $44 million dollar earnings in 2006.

$275,000 House: This estimated home price for the "swashbuckling" Sergio Garcia's nearly $16 million take-home pay, would seem to "cost" just $519.43.

$20,000 Car: The relative "cost" of a car for 17-year-old new driver Michelle Wie is a meager $29.65, who raked in an estimated $20 million last year.

$100 Hotel room: A $100 hotel room for Golfer John Daly would calculate to just 35 cents when you compare his $8 million earnings to the salary of the average Joe.

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